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  1. Thankyou ericsbrother for your reply, this all makes sense and had a feeling I was not at fault here. contractual obligation I like the sound of that, I'm surprised that I can sue them for this.
  2. Hello CAG members I have recently had a new permit system put in place at my place of residents. I sent an email to apply for permits to both my company and private vehicle back in September 2015, I had a response saying that they will send them out. I did not receive them and I should have chased this up but I'm a busy man and work away from home a lot. It weren't until December when I got back from work that I found a PCN on my car, I sent an email to ask where my permits are and they sent me an email saying they will send them out but whilst I was waiting I received another PCN at 11pm that evening on my company vehicle. I have sent a letter to CPM and they refused my appeal and have told me to appeal through theIAS. So need to know..... do I have proper grounds to appeal? and What are theIAS like? I read some bad reviews about them and think they will side with CPM I refuse to pay this and I never will pay as its unfair!! Chris
  3. I'm a bit gutted about hausfield decision, but would like to thankyou for all the hard work you have put in for us Fuzz
  4. Banks always insist their right and they won't back down because all they care about is the money and nothing else
  5. When i first complained about this through consumer direct they told me, because i was a third party in the agreement (as in everything was arranged and went through advent, i just signed the document) the the contract is void if i can prove that the alternate course is not like for like. Is it possible that we can find proof that Barclays cut funding for the course and that we mis trust these people, so we should be entitled to a refund. I have recently had the same problem i sent a letter to moorcroft and they basically ignored me and said they don't have DOA Now Apex is involved and asking for the same debt, i don't think its legal to throw us from different DCA. There is a information on the students website about DCA and you can find about things online, i personally ignore them. Moorcroft called me today and i said im not paying for what i have not received and you don't have DOA so i refuse to pay and go bankrupt if i have to
  6. i appreciate everything fuzz has done, i just wish there was more i could do
  7. LATEST REPLY FROM MOORCROFT :- "I write in response to your recent communication in relation to the above account and can confirm we have been in contact with Barclays Partner Finance who have advised us that this account was not sold to us and there is no deed of assignment. I can confirm that i have placed this account on hold for 2 weeks and request that you make contact with our call centre on the above telephone number to discuss a repayment proposal you can afford and maintain" Rofl they just wont give up i gave them proof that the account with Barclays is in dispute and they admitted to not having a DOA....... payment proposal i can afford and maintain.......hmmmm...... £5 a month is what i could afford but im not paying them **** and Heres Why :- 1. I was lied to when i was offered the course 2. I was unemployed, couldn't get a £5000 loan but course went through.....credit checked?.....ermmmm. no 3. Promised a job with the their dedicated careers team 4. Barclays cut funding for Advent hence we're in this situation 5. We weren't given a choice of service providers, just forced to go with Computeach 6. Alternate course is not like for like So im asking, why is it so hard to cancel the agreement? Why can't some of us get our money back? If Barclays wins the case then i'm filing for bankruptcy cos this is all getting on my nerves
  8. There is also a group action on facebook if you need to talk to some more people
  9. I signed up in 2008 and like you i cant find my enrolement form either, what else can we do you would have thought the valid arguements from numerous students and all fuzzbutt's hard work that these corporate bullies would have finally ruled in our favour.
  10. They can't do much as Barclays keep moving us around from one debt collector agency DCA to the next, if you read all the information on this thread and the one just before, you should have a better understanding. I had Moorcroft on my back but i sent them some information from from the students website and told them that they are wasting time and money chasing ex Advent students and we are all in the same boat and that they need a DOA letter. Hopefully they will leave us alone....... just waiting for a reply from them
  11. Sounds like its all good news with the fos considering they have been ruling in Barclays favour through most of this. I can't even find my enrolement form, im not sure if i recieved one or not. I have 3 kids and we get a lot of letters so it must have got lost over the years. Funny thing is i still got the agreement with Barclays so you would assume that i would still have the other paperwork I hear that few of you have had the rep come out to you, mine was done all over the phone and post
  12. Yes but im not an asset i didn't want to move on to computeach, so did i sell them my info.....NO!! did they ask me if i wanted my details passed on....NO!! PKF did so they could get more money and get rid of us i just wanted my money back.
  13. Very Interesting stuff let us know when these are due to be on TV. I have recieved the update letter from PKF and from what i can see they have taken all the money and put it in their pockets, i can't believe they sold my information onto another company....... WHERES MY MONEY!!!
  14. hmmm new thread.... hello everyone I have been away over christmas so not been here for a while, just caught up on all of the reading and it seems that Barclays have not done no credit checks when people took out this agreement as i was on Incapacity when i applied and my credit rating was not very good, so im not the only one. I got home and realised i've had more letters from Moorcroft debt recovery so i called them and they told me that they spoke to Barclays and still pressume that i should carry on my studies with CT, i asked them about the DOA and the women had no idea what i was talking about. After reading further through the forums i was very impressed with "Letter on behalf of the group to the Education Minister" you wrote Fuzz it has really good valued points. One more thing..... Even if i was to carry on my studies with another training company, i would have to start all over again as my exam i passed (601 essentials) has expired so i cant do the next one (602 Technician)
  15. Well with the modern age we live in, its much easier to get more accurate up to date info over the internet..... unless ur using wikipedia. Fuzz is doing an great job
  16. I went to Cab and they were absolutely useless they told me that i got no choice but to pay BPF but my mind was eased after 1. I read this thread from no.1 (264 pages to date but its worth it) edited ......Helpful for any newcomers
  17. I have just read the hausfield letter it everything sounds good, i just hope BPF don't squirm out of it
  18. Hello fuzz.... thankyou for all the hardwork and the update, just curious, can we use the fact that Barclays cut the funding for Advent which was basically why they went bust and that we're not using Computeach for that same reason. Its the recession and there is not a lot of stability at the moment
  19. I was thinking the same thing but now a secondary debt collection agency requesting money from me..... there is a lot of people to go round, maybe they are doing it alphabetically or something lol
  20. STAY STRONG PEOPLE!!! lets not give into these bullies. I Just recieved a NOTICE OF POSSIBLE LITIGATION from Moorcroft, i have told them the account is in dispute, im not happy with my service as my IT company went bust (which Barclays conveniently left out) they are going to contact Barclays and prob come back with some with all sorts of rubbish from Barclays. Now to wait...... If Barclays does succeed, im going bankrupt
  21. If you read through all the info left on here and FB group you will see that Hausfield are dealing with this by collating evidence, so all you have to say is im going through legal action til the mess is sorted. Fuzzbutt has done so much for us and we're truly grateful, but i was told not to tell barclays all the problems we have or barclays could change the case in their favour...... i say if we keep some of our argument quiet then we have the element of surprise, just need more evidence that will help our claim..... something more tangeable Hausfield can use
  22. I sent an email to Consumer Direct about an ex advent employee mentioning Barclays cut the funding and heres what i got:- Dear Mr Mowat, Thank you for your recent email dated 9th July. Please allow me to apologise in the delay in replying to your email. With reference to your enquiry, I have attached the further details you have provided to your case. Rest assured, all details are passed to Trading Standards for their intelligence purposes. Where bad practice occurs, there is potential for Trading Standards to take action. I trust the above information is of some assistance to you. If you require any further advice, please do not hesitate to contact Consumer Direct quoting your above reference number on Tel No: 08454 04 05 06 our offices are opened Monday to Friday 8am - 6.30pm and Saturday 9am - 1pm. If this is not convenient please feel free to contact me at the email address below. Thank you for your enquiry. What i was thinking was cant we win this case by prooving that Barclays were the ones who cut funding for the course and we dont trust them so in essence we can't trust them with another training provider as we don't want to go through all this hassle again, then we could add to this case by using where they have screwed people in the past and the only reason why we accepted Barclays offer is due to the fact we had no idea about the company til we got treated this way.... then we can move onto the mis trust issue (ex barclays employee's having our info)
  23. I have just realised that all of us not paying is going to mess up our credit rating, if we won this battle with BPF would the black mark caused by BPF be removed? Would we have to contact Experian credit after or now?
  24. cool thanks blue i better check the misses house, i just hope this gets sorted soon cos im getting headache over it all, shall i send a complaint to Financial Ombudsman aswell?
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