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  1. ok. I now know that the person didn't know anything about the other charity until they were told by the organiser. IF they were forced to give the money to the charity, could anyone go to court?
  2. I'm donig this on behalf of someone else. They raised money for a charity doing a sponsored walk, which was organised by her organisation, but another part of it, they got the money and had spent the money raised and a few weeks after the event the organisor said that it had to go to another charity that they weren't told about. Can they do this?
  3. does VAT have to be paid on fees while a car is in the pound? If so how much?
  4. is 28 days ok for a privately owned car that has been in the pound for no insurance?
  5. what is the length that a vehicle/motorbike can be in the pound before it is sold on or scrapped?
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