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  1. Using Tapatalk on my iPhone with CAG seems so slow! It has improved since, but still quite unbearable having to wait a good minute or two for things to load. Maybe it's the amount of threads and posts that need to be loaded? In fact, it's that slow that authentication fails and can't load any of my account information. It's a shame I can't use it. A lot of potential and it would mean I would contribute more to the forums if it worked!
  2. I'm glad there are people here, who enlighten present victims of RLP. Personally, I know how scary it can be to receive threatening letters from them. Keep it up! With personal experience, I ignored the letters and it worked. I'm not exactly suggesting that you should definitely try this but only do what you think is right. The suggestion of writing a letter shows that you have tried to negotiate with RLP and is useful if any court action did happen. (I'm not trying to scare you with the courts thing, as it's very unlikely, I hear…) Anyway, I wish you the best in your situation. There are many good people here who will certainly be helpful.
  3. As far as I know, this 'Dishonest Database' that they have can be accessible to their clients. In this case, it will be all those who have paid to have such access like those retailers who pay RLP to deal with their civil recovery claims. Known retailers include TK Maxx, Tesco and Boots (as mentioned in the thread posts on this forum) as well as whatever place who recovered their items from you. I don't really think that anyone knows what data goes on their database (not even sure it's up to scratch in terms of legality) but I suspect it will obviously contain data from any forms you may have (likely under duress) signed such as banning forms with your name, address and date of birth as well as the retailer you were caught in, items recovered and any related costs and values. Might even contain photos of yourself (which may have been obtained without your consent in interview rooms with CCTV footage)! I'm not sure what being an FHS Approved Person would be but it would be unlikely that you will have any criminal convictions (unless you were charged by the Police for any criminal acts with court action). RLP would be far more interested in the civil side of the law anyway, as it's all money orientated. Therefore, you should be fine. Good luck in your situation.
  4. No, I did not contact or reply to them at all for any negotiation. Again, I hope things go well for you, especially when you will talk to your mum about your issue. All the best.
  5. Personally, my situation did involve a wallet at the same retailer but it was an item attached to it (which probably made the whole thing less serious). Through my own experiences, there's nothing really that you can do but wait for the letters, simply ignore them and do not request or negotiate with them - at all. As for the letter appearances, it will definitely come up with the RLP logo in the top right-hand corner addressed to you (if I remember correctly) but there's nothing really stopping your parents seeing the letters neither. Expect the first one to arrive within two weeks or something. You will receive more demands of payment, nearer to the deadline that they suggest you pay. I describe the process as you being 'invisible' with the "you don't exist" type scenario. Hopefully, they'll give up by then. For me, everything took a good two months before they stopped. I know the process will cause anxiety and stress but it'll be over before you know it! I wish you luck in your situation and this forum will give you the help and support you will need.
  6. Just continue to ignore the letters for now. Hopefully, they'll stop coming through the letterbox - sooner or later. As for "may refrain from pursuiting" (should be "pursuing", haha), don't send them anything, including photocopies. That way, they'll definitely have your correct details. Also, thank you for mentioning that bit as it means it is a possible tracking development of current RLP letters and seeing what they're up to now. More people in this forum will shortly come to the rescue. Hope all goes well.
  7. Here's another case of the annoying and irritating fact that security officers think that they have as much authority as police officers do - they don't. I have a feeling that they have been unlawful in some ways, such as the fact that it seems that you were forced back into the store. More importantly, is it true that they did ask you to empty your pockets and literally drop your pants? If so, then you might have a claim in that even police officers have to ask permission to perform what is called a strip search if it is reasonable to do so and only then, it has to be at a police station in a private area and performed by those of the same sex. Security officers don't have this right of authority. The security guard(s) should have done what you asked - that is to call the police and let them sort it out. Just an opinion.
  8. Sorry, I didnt realise I missed that out. They were asking me for the famous but odd £137.50.
  9. carlosc256, I thank you for your comment. As for your question, I think it's been just over two months since the letters stopped.
  10. I haven't received any letters as of since I last posted here in October. However, I am always slightly going to expect that something may turn up in the future, if that day comes… I hope things are going well for you.
  11. nicz, I have sent you a PM and my reasons for sending you one instead of posting here (just in case RLP are roaming around the forum).
  12. My experience has shown me that when signing things, we are pressurised into signing, otherwise the police will be involved. As with RLP letters, I got mine a week after the incident. If you do not pay, they regularly send out letters after the set deadlines about two to three days later. I continued to ignore the letters and since September through to now, I haven't received a single letter since. I hope things go well for you, like it did for me.
  13. I remember seeing this programme. I must agree with the fact that it is annoying that security guards think they have as much power as the police. Not applying this to all security guards but it sounds like that some people failed to make it as a police officer maybe?
  14. With personal experience, ignoring letters worked. In the meantime, I wish you good luck in your situation.
  15. Sounds like a way of threatening people to confess and then get RLP to have a genuine way of conning people… Personally, the police seems to have not been involved otherwise it's most likely you would have received a Fixed Penalty Notice. Just my thoughts. I hope things will be clearer and better soon rather than later.
  16. didnotdoit, to this day (the date of this thread post reply), I have still not received anything else from RLP or any third-party debt collector (thank goodness). Hope that this case will be the same for you. All I did was accept the advice to ignore the letters and to not contact them at all. Even then, if you do face something in the future, there will always be somebody at hand to help you in this forum. Good luck!
  17. [FINAL UPDATE] Well, today's the day that marks one month since my deadline from the third and final letter from RLP. From then to this day, I have not received any other letters at all, including third-party debt collectors. Thanks to ignoring the letters that I've received as advice given to me, I'm going to definitely say that it does seem that RLP has given up on my case (that I personally said was useless to claim against) and officially close this thread post from further updates. However, feel free if any of you guys want any further help in any way as I'll still be around to help repay for the help and advice given to me as well as many othet contributors. However, some of my data will be on their database, whether paying up or not. I chose not to admit my guilt as it is considered to some people. But this should only be on there for three years maximum (as I was 17 at the time of the incident). If we ever truly find out that RLP does not stay within the Data Protection Act (which is very likely), then one day, we shall claim against them but also against how costs they demand are unjustifiable as well as including demands for large amounts of cash from juveniles! I'd like to again say thank you to all who contributed in helping my situation, especially JonCris, who has been a tremendous help. Like I've said before, I'll be extra vigilant if anything else turns up regarding this issue in the future and I'll report it here when necessary. For those reading in the future, I hope my case will help you in many forms (as I want it to) and please do read elsewhere in the forum for extra help and reassurance and good luck in dealing with your own situations. Civil Recovery is meant to act as a deterrent to you but also many others and I've definitely learnt my lesson (as a teenager) to try and not get into this mess ever again. I hope this will be the same to you guys too. So, here's to a happy ending and close to a terrifying chapter of my life (for now) and I offer appraisal to the community of this forum… AnonymousFighter signing off. [THREAD POST CLOSED]
  18. Don't worry about this part of the process. You might end up lucky like me and never ever get anything! However, if you do get one, look for words like "considering" and "may". By looking around in the forum, I've learnt that it means that the debt collector will definitely not be doing anything at all! Good luck with your situation!
  19. [uPDATE] So, it has been a while since I last updated this thread post. Good news so far! I've no letter from any third-party debt collector yet and it's been nearly a month since my final deadline for payment from my third and final RLP letter! This Thursday (marking one month since my final deadline), I'm going to officially close this thread by not issuing anymore updates, meaning that I will have assumed that RLP has given up on me, if that is the case then. I'd like the opportunity to say thank you to all members in this wonderful and fantastic community of this forum who have helped me and given me confidence in dealing with this problem that I found threatening and a burden, especially JonCris, an excellent mastermind in the world of RLP (and keep up the good work!), otherwise I wouldn't have been able to cope! Maybe it's time to safely say that this situation/story will be one of the few on the forum that has a happy and final ending that people will know about (unlike many others that didn't even have an ending and leaving it a mystery) and can also now finally move on in life. However, that's not all. I will be here to help many others who will be in similar situations like mine from now on, to repay for what I have been given. Closing this thread post doesn't necessarily mean that I'm not in any more trouble with RLP but does mean I will be extra vigilant if anything further unexpectedly appears from RLP, hence, more updates will be continuously posted when opportunities arise. So, to all contributors of this forum, keep up the fantastic work for years to come and until next time on Thursday, I'll hopefully be posting my final update and closing this chapter of my life forever...
  20. I know what you're saying and am aware of that as well as what can happen to it (i.e. mistaken for terrorism, etc.). Over time, this data will be out of date. Personally, the "lesser of two evils" would be the database as opposed to the money, because they are only allowed to keep my details for three years as I'm only 17 at the cause of the incident and if they didn't keep within the Data Protection Act, then one day, they will be caught for their own "wrongful actions" when we can finally sue them for money in the future.
  21. [uPDATE] This isn't an update that I usually do but I still have not received any other letters from RLP as of yet or from any companies like JB Debt Recovery. At the moment, it still therefore seems as if they have given up. I'm still going to be patient and wait if one comes through though. (I just hope this is coming to an end!) From tomorrow, the next day after this thread reply post, it will have been two weeks since my third and final payment demand deadline came to an end.
  22. I didn't know about that in the second half of the sentence. Thank you for that.
  23. In another current situation with RLP, all I can say is to ignore. Also, with the way things are going at the moment, I think they seem really desperate for some money! Anyway, I hope for the best to you as well as for myself.
  24. I'm in another situation with RLP. All I can say as with what many others have said is that you should just ignore them. I've had times where I've fallen into thinking that I should pay. However, although it is hard, I've resisted and even if you did get into further trouble, you will always have someone to help you here on the forums like JonCris. Also, eventually, I hope it will feel less scary etc. over time like it has done to me (for now). One question I should put to you is: Why would you want to give money to someone you don't know, for free? All the best, AnonymousFighter.
  25. [uPDATE] Well, it's been a long time since my last update and my third letter from RLP with a final 14 days to pay already expired over a week ago, before this thread reply post. I guess the next stage is for a debt company like JB Debt Recovery to start sending me letters of demand. One question I have in mind about this is how long it takes before I start to receive letters from JB Debt Recovery? Otherwise (and hopefully), it will look like everything is/will be going well with them deciding to forget it and just give up, as it seems like that at the moment. (I just hope I haven't jinxed it now that they haven't forgotten and can now move on in life and that I don't get a surprise from them in the future when I'm turn into an adult!) Anyway, I will still keep updating for you guys if anything turns up and also still help others out with my current experience for those who are victims in both the present and future.
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