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  1. Just a curious question, how long was it from when you were issued the liability order to when your account was passed to Equita ? Were you told you had to pay Equita direct after the liability order was issued ? Also, which Council is this ? This sounds like another one for Me Hallowitch. Has all the usual hallmarks.
  2. So are they to do with GE Money Home Finance ? I did have a mortgage with them .
  3. Yes its Village Investigations not collections. Does anyone know if they are associated with Credit Solutions ? they are the only people I have had dealings with around that time.
  4. Not sure if this is the best place or wether the Credit Reference forum would be better but here goes. Have done a credit search which has thrown up some interesting info. I have had several searches carried out by DCA`s , one had searched twice within 5 weeks. Another has searched on my current address but I have no idea who they are other than possibly linking them to another company. The DCA was Vicol ( Village Collections Ltd) around the same time I was getting calls and letters from Credit solutions, are these two known to be linked ? I have also had another DCA move an alleg
  5. Hi, Have you posted it yet ??? Would have been better to have done an SAR on the Bailiff company first. Have sent you a PM with details of my aproach.
  6. Have sent you a PM. We really need more classic cases like this to put to other councils to build up some examples to push this.
  7. Would be keen to assist with this if you are up for taking it all the way. Regardless of any notices sent or not sent Barnet have behaved badly and its VERY likely you will get all bailiffs fees paid back. This would also be another classic "Test Case" for what I am trying to prove and pave the way for others. Let me know if you are up for it.
  8. Maybe the next revolution but at this stage its about proving a point and not offereing a no win no fee service. I'm just looking for specific examples to prove a point so this can be rolled out. Am particuarly looking for people who had a bailiff visit within 3 months of the liability order being granted and who have paid off the amount outstanding.
  9. Have been looking at the whole bailiff and council tax issue and have discovered a lot of anomolies in my own case and have filed a complaint to the council. the upshot is I'm looking to try a few "Test Case's" with other councils and am looking for people who have had to pay bailiff fees they did not think was correct, phantom visits etc. who are interested in pursing a council complaint as far as it will go in order to get a complaint justified. Am also especialy looking for people who paid the bailiifs in full at the time of the 1st visit. Due to the nature of what I have uncovered I
  10. Am starting to confuse my self now.... So are you saying the council can still let the bailiff collect his alleged fees even if the council tax account is showing a zero balence and they have advised the bailiff the account is clear etc ?
  11. Speak to the council and see if they will accept an arrangement to pay off the arears. You will probably need to send the form back or they will just pass your account to Bailiffs who will start adding more fees and cause more problems. Best thing is to keep it with the council and speak to them asap.
  12. You must put in the letter that you are requesting it under the Freedom of Information Act or they will duck and dive and avoid the issue.
  13. Yes, the council will provide their service level agreement / Code of conduct for bailiffs. Makes interesting reading and in my case did say no subcontracted bailiffs which I would read as no self employed either. You must include the council as co defendant and would also make a formal complaint, escalate through their stages and then take it to the Government ombudsman who will take notice of it.
  14. As well as verbal confirmation from the council that the account was clear I also have letters, a screenshot from the councils system which also included an electronic message advising the bailiff to put my account on hold, return warrant liability order. It also took some months from the account being clear to the bailiff turning up.
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