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  1. O.K, thanks I will ring the number on the letter then. I really hate the fact that these sort of letters always seem to arrive on weekends when you can't do a thing about it except for worry.
  2. No I haven't been sanctioned at all or had any break in benefit payments in all the while that I claimed, which is a lot longer than 26 weeks which I understood to be the criteria. I don't know what to do about it...Should I go to the job centre and ask them what to do?
  3. I have just set myself up in self employment having been on income support and then subsequently jsa for several year now as a single parent. I have just received a letter from DWP stating that I have not qualified for a run on! I was told that I would be entitled to this and a £250 back to work grant. I don't understand why I can't have it and am very worried now, can anyone help please?
  4. Thank you, I thought probably the best plan to ignore. Even if they have anything I would imagine it would be too old for them to legitimately chase as the last address they have for it is around six years old.
  5. Who are Willen? I have had a very non specific letter from these people today. They have quoted a previous address of mine at which I have not lived in about six years and have apparently been provided with my current address. Should I ignore them?, this was the move I was planning on but thought I would see what anyone else thinks.
  6. I have just checked a copy of my credit report from 2009. The debt that lowells are pursuing me for is listed as "settled", date of settlement 2003! There are no other entries regarding this "debt" other than to say it was settled in 2003. Where have they got this debt from? according to Experian it does not exist.
  7. It seems that the "attempted payment" does refer to an offer letter of £1, sent by the Citizens Advice. Is there any more that I can do, or am I fried?
  8. Thanks for all your advice. I will get on to it! They certainly don't give up easily, but then nor do I!
  9. I now have a letter from Hamptons Legal. They have added masses of interest to the original debt and are ignoring the fact that I have told them that this is statute barred. They say they are going to take it to court. What now?
  10. Have now resolved this matter with Colin at Scottish Power. The debt is no longer with dca, therefore no more 35% admin. There has been an adjustment made for the period charged that I was no longer resident. Sadly Scottish Power had defaulted me, but apparently Colin will try his best to get this removed. Paying remainder over 18 months. Thanks for help.
  11. Colin at Scottish Power has retreived the debt from Pastdue and adjusted the bill. I will be paying this debt for the amount which I did owe to Scottish Power. I do not, however, need to worry about Pastdue or their over inflated admin charges now. Hooray.
  12. Am sending letters to Alan Stewert as suggested. I am unable to check my equifax creit report for wrong doing by M Hall as I applied and they won't let me have it! They want enormous reems of extra personal details and ID.
  13. I already rang, before I saw the ablove post. I had to give them a load of personal information and info on debts etc. The lady I spoke to said that I had answered correctly but that her system had an error and could I hold. I held for nearly ten minutes and she came back and told me that she would have to transfer my call. I held for a further five minutes, went through the same personal info and was told that four addresses, details of my defaults, bank and my name on the electoral register were not sufficient. They want me to send bankstatements, passport etc to them. I have to say I was livid and told chap to stuff it! Experian are quite happy to give me my credit report, what is the malfunction with these people?!
  14. I have received excellent advice through the Consumer forum and have very much appreciated it. The problem is I am very depressed, on my own with four children to consider, and finding myself feeling very bogged down and not coping too well. I am struggling with no other support to get going on dealing with letters and losing the will to fight. Anyways, just thought I would add this as this is how dca's are effecting my health etc.
  15. Thank you. I have just applied for equifax as well. They wont give me my report, despite having all my personal details and three previous addresses, until I ring them on their premium rate telephone number! Great. Guess I will have to do that tommorow.
  16. I have today checked my Experian credit report. No debts to be found, only a couple of defaults recently placed by TBI. Do all the CRA's hold the same information on you or are they all different in what information they hold?
  17. I don't know any dates. I don't actually know what it is they are pursuing me for, it didn't say in their letter. They only asked me to contact them on a personal matter, no indication what.
  18. May I add that the defaults have been listed as credit/store card. I have never had a store card, I may have had finance arranged to purchase something from them but not a card with an ongoing credit facility. Is it wrong to have the default listed as being credit/store card when that was not the case? Can they issue this default five and six years after it occured?
  19. Would it then follow that if no debts are showing on my credit report I should not be being pursued for any debts?
  20. Just checked my credit report. No search by Mackenzie Hall showing. Equally no outstanding debts showing whatsoever! Don't understand how this works, can someone please enlighten me. I am being pursued for several debts that I can't even find on credit report to check out.
  21. Have just checked my credit report through credit expert, experian. TBI defaults showing, the defaults were placed on my report on the 18th of this month. The dates shown as the default dates are 2004 and 2005! Can't find anything else on my credit report at all, not even any outstanding debts!!
  22. I have sent Scottish Power a PM as am hoping very much to get this problem resolved without the DCAs involvement. Thanks for your offer of assistance. Will post on further developments.
  23. I did wonder about the postal order. They said as it is not made payable to anyone that I would have to have it amended or redrawn. They acknowledged receipt of my CCA request but were awaiting the postal orders to be reurned. Haven't looked at my credit report for a couple of years, can't remember any default.
  24. Currys. I have had to move a great deal so have no recollection of recieving the original default. The debt collector is TBI financial services.
  25. Yes I did send CCA. Would you beleive I forgot to write their name on postal order so they have sent them back. Will be sending CCA request again, with a fully filled in postal order! I think they are trying to say that I now have some sort of credit agreement with them as I made arrangement to pay them £10 a month.
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