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  1. I wouldnt pay anything. You give a phone like that to a child and its bound to go missing at some point.
  2. Oh and I've also had no major training for the retal sector. Yes my SIA licence covers me for both sides of security, but given I did the SIA training over two years ago I now have no idea what I'm doing in retail.... such as detaining shop lifters and chasing people who run ect ect
  3. I work for a very well known world wide security company. I have worked for them for nearly 2 and a half years now. (Breif history and an insight as to how they operate) I worked for said security company on a 'high profile' gas prosessing plant. I was there for around a year and a half. Had pretty much been the ideal employee - never late for work, never missed a shift, always polite and smart ect ect used to go out of my way to do things for the customer that didnt fall under my job role too. Always willing to help out. 2 months into working for them another employee flipped out one night and attacked me. No reason, I hadnt provoked him or anything, he just went mental. Other employees said he was very well known for this kind of behaviour. Anyway, I reported it to my superiors and also the police, and was pressing charges (I had visible injuries to my kneck from him trying to strangle me). Then the area manager at the time turned round to me and said if I didnt drop the case with the police, the company would sack us both!!! Me being new to the company and unsure of how these sort of things worked in the big wide world was stupid enough to drop the case. The bloke in question was then simply moved to another site by my employer. I felt bitter about this but moved on from it and forgot all about it... my job at the time was VERY cushty so I didnt bother looking for a new one. Anyway after working there for a year and a half one rainy foggy morning at around 3am I clipped the sites pick up truck going through an access barrier. I was re-fueling it at the time (my job involved driving this pick up quite a lot). Nothing major damage wise I accepted full responsibility for it and completed all the relevant accident investigation forms ect ect. The cause of this accident was partly the weather and partly my tiredness as there was some MAJOR sh#t going on in my life at the time. Anyway, things were fine, no major fuss was caused, till 2 weeks later when the repair bill came in. I was then banned from the site by the customer. So my new area manager suspends me on full pay while he investigates the situation as the customer has passed my company the repair bill. He decided not to discipline me in any way as I hadnt done anything wrong - we all have accidents at some point. However he then turned round and said to me how he then didnt have any work on any of the other sites, and my only option would be for me to give up my permanent full time contract and go onto a casual contract. He then said that he needed me to e-mail him requesting this. I then twigged that he was trying to get me to sack myself, so said that I would stay on my full time contract, and amazingly he found me some work! I know this doesnt have any bearing on whats going on now, but it gives you an insight as to what my empoyers are like. So cut to now. Since leaving the gas processing plant, for the last 8/9 months I have been working between 3 major chemical plants. These plants pay a company to provide all their services such as fire, ambulance and security. This company sub-contract the security to my company. So for the last 8/9 months again I've been the ideal employee. So much so that I was in the companys magazine for constant customer satisfaction. Two weeks ago I was doing a mobile job, patroling a major pipeline that links two of the sites. Some boy racer chav ran me off the road. I swerved into a layby area, skidded on sand / gravel and ended up in the ditch. Nobody stopped and I had to radio the sites emergency services for assistance. I wasnt injured and there was no visible damage to the car once it was recovered. However there was a tear to the underside of the sill, but the hire company deemed it still roadworthy. It was reported to the police and everything. The site carried out the usual drugs and alcohol tests, took statements ect ect and said basicly if I hadnt gone into the ditch I could of smashed into the other car and how I did the right thing ect ect... They were happy for me to continue working. Their words to my boss were "we want him to continue working, as he is the only one we know does the job properly". So two weeks passed without a problem. Then one day one of the customers managers gets really funny with me, verbally laying into me for no reason. The next day the customer decides to ban me from all of their sites. Nothing I can do about this, as its the company who sub contract the security to my company who have decided it. Funny though how one minute they are praising me and then the next they're banning me. However my area manager then again does the whole 'oh we have no work for you at all' routine. Knowing he couldnt sack me bacause I've done nothing wrong, and knowing he cant be a liar and con me out of my contract he decides to palm me off onto the retail area manager. So I grin an bear it, retail security isnt ideal, but its a job. Plus my contract stays the same. So Sat and Sun I worked in a supermarket :embarrassed Sunday dinner time I rang my 'new' manager to find out if I was working the Monday. He didnt answer at first but rang me back after 30 mins. Said he was just sorting out the rotas and would let me know. He didnt get back to me. I tried phoning him on the tea time but got no answer. Monday morning around 11am I tried phoning him again, and got no answer. He rang me back after 30 mins and said sorry he didnt answer he was half way through doing some interviews. I said that was fine and asked when I was working next. He asked if I would be happy doing some shifts in an electrical retailers and I said yes, thinking he was planning on putting me there on the Tuesday or something. Wrong. He wanted me drop everything and go that moment. I said I couldnt as I was busy (they cant expect me to go running at the drop of a hat like that). So he said he would let me know what I'm working the rest of the week when he gets back to the office around 2pm. I hear nothing. So at 4.30pm I ring him. He asks how I'm off for working Tuesday, and I say fine, expecting him to give me a site. His words were 'Okay well dont plan anything and I'll let you know IF something comes up'!!!!! So Tuesday comes and I hear nothing. I try phoning him and get no answer. I try again an hour later and he answers.... Asks how I would feel about working away from home for a week. Apparently the company would pay my travel and hotel costs while I was away. I say I'd think about it and get back to him. 10 mins later he rings me back and says it didnt matter, it wasnt as far as he thought so I wouldnt need a hotel I could just commute every day. So for the next 12 days I'm doing a 115 mile / 3 hour round trip. He has said I'll be able to claim petrol expenses, but they wont be anything fantastic and given I drive a petrol BMW its costing me an arm and a leg in fuel costs. I dont know where I will be working once these 12 days are up. So in the last week my hours have dropped (I've gone from 12 hour shifts to 8 hour shifts), my commute has got a lot longer (so my fuel costs have gone up) and I'm having to really pester the company for work. Are they being unfair messing me about like this? And as for ringing me up randomly and expecting me to go to work there and then, I'm sorry but I think thats bang out of order too. I dont get paid to be on 24 hour callout, and I think I deserve some notice of when I'll be working, even if it is only a few days notice. What do they expect me to do? Put my life on hold, and sit by the phone in my uniform every day just incase they need me? I have a feeling what theyre doing is trying to mess me about so much that I end up leaving and then they dont have to sack me. Safe to say I cant quit, I have finacial responsibilities and NEED a job, and jobs round here are as rare as hens teeth at the mo. I wanna join the police but theyre not recruiting coz of all the cuts to funding ect ect. So, do you guys recon what my company are now doing counts towards constructive dismissal? Trying to force me out of my job? Where do I stand? Thoughts please
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