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  1. Rent goes from my bank a/c on 26th every month. Contract doesn't any specific date rent is payable. But as i took possession on 31st Jan, so i presume its for the period 31st to 30th. As my original contract expired, we entered into SPT.
  2. Hi, I have entered into SPT agreement as rolling monthly contract. As i am planning to move, i have to provide one month's notice to concide with the end of rent period. My rent period is from 31st to 30th. I provided notice this month(July) on 1st to vacate the property by 31st, but my agent is saying, there is breach on contract as i have missed the deadline by 1 day. I should have given notice on 30th. So, unless new tenant is found, i have to pay rent till end of next month (August). Please help.
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