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  1. Has anyone ever done this successfully? Because to me it seems like it would be a lot more effective at curbing **** like Damien Heywood and his mates at Regional Clamping Services (amongst other cowboys) and his other trading names than just paying and suing them for the money. Also, since an injunction's a non-monetary remedy, you aren't stuck in the small claims track and you can more effectively recover costs. Just wondering... (Also, make sure to serve the injunction on a director of the clamping company. That way you can apply to commit him, personally, to prison for
  2. Actually, European trains are generally very good. The French ones in particular (notwithstanding the Metro / RER) - I lived in France while at the Sorbonne for a year and found the TGV, Thalys (the Belgian international railways), and DB Nachtzug (overnighters to Germany) to be very efficient and helpful. And far less expensive than our ageing, clunky railways. And they tend to have one fare for one journey, regardless of how many companies' remits you're going through. Unfortunately, in the UK, public transport is only workable in London and a few other large cities. Everywhere else it
  3. Indemnity insurance for when PPCs cock up their cases?
  4. Advantages: Cheap. How else can you get from London to Hamburg (in order to do the heavy metal mecca that is Wacken Open Air) for £86.00 return. Disadvantages: Read on... So I've got my ticket and I'm at Victoria Coach Station an hour in advance. I queue up and get to the check in desk where a boot-faced woman takes my booking confirmation, grunts, and thrusts a wadge of tickets and a luggage label at me. "Can I borrow a pen to fill out the luggage label?" say I. "No." says she. "Haven't got one." I look around at the office behind her. Surely there's a pen in there so
  5. I have indeed - rejected. I Google Street View'd the signs (I'm not going back to Uxbridge to risk another ticket, I hate the place already and my camera's dead). I'll do some work on my next step over the weekend, because tomorrow I've an interview for a job in Hackney ("This is Hackney, sir. People carry guns.")
  6. The Law Society - Find a solicitor That's Mr Sobell. I've never heard of this Graham White firm - who are a one man band - but I suspect that's what's happened is that Roxburghe did instruct them once upon a time and they've simply copypasted a letter that Mr Sobell actually wrote for them once upon a time...
  7. Can't you go to Court for an injunction requiring them to deliver it all up - and then, when they don't comply, commit them to prison?
  8. Hey guys. I work in Landlord & Tenant law and one thing I would say about any deposit case is this: Universal Estates -v- Tiensia The Court of Appeal heard this on May 7 and reserved judgement. The question at stake is whether the three-times-the-deposit penalty is at date of hearing or at date of application to Court. Also in question is the requirement for the Landlord to provide information - does the information have to be provided within 14 days or by the date of a Court hearing? I think this is the case that the OP was referring to. I'll keep everyone update
  9. Thanks folks. It was indeed Vine Street. I'll scan and post the ticket if you want. Thing is, Street View only offers a view of that road from the angle opposite to the one I was driving in. I fear I may have accidentally gone up a pedestrianised street from the other way... Also, can anyone clarify whether, with bus lane tickets, the 14 day reduced fine period is stayed during a representation, like it is with parking tickets, or whether it rolls on regardless. Also of note, which to me is just BEGGING for legal challenge, is the fact that you can only view the CCTV eviden
  10. So on 30 June I'm driving through Uxbridge, a place I don't normally go, and I stray into a bus lane. Today I'm served with a notice by the London Borough of Hillingdon under the London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2003 saying that I strayed into a bus lane and am required to pay £60.00 in 14 days or £120.00 in 28 days. For the avoidance of doubt it's a bus only street. I then compare the ticket to the act and I find a rather subtle defect. The Act says that:
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