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  1. Hi Who does your friend work for? I work for the prison service and have to take my shoes off enpty pocets and go through xray machines twice a day. If there is a search procedure then there should be a policy in place
  2. I hope its gets sorted and you get your money people like this need to be given jail term it seems that the system in thsi country protects the criminal and the decent folk get no support. Good luck
  3. I would have thought that the agency would have taken some responsability for this as they should have "vetted" the company? Can you not request that they appear at the tribunal? I know they might not bring anything but its worth a try
  4. Thanks i wrote a letter and got a reply saying they are looking into it but no word about the minimum payment and im STILL waiting for the forms to recal the balance transfer. Good idea about the branch visit. Im off tomorrow
  5. Pleaseur Just another case of ooops i ****ed up how can i get out of this. when you work for a company you should act professional at all times and if you mess up deal with it
  6. If you read my post properly you would see that i wasnt saying about people who work and do there upmost to pay there own debt it was at the people who walk away and take the easy option.
  7. i got copies of my parers when i took a company to court and had to have certain things sealed before sending them off to the sherrifs office. but it was a struggle but yes your right you can request copies and they should provide them probabaly for a fee though lol
  8. exactly it is way too easy to get in debt but peopel have to manage there own finances the age we live in is that people want it now and will do anything to get it how many people bought ipad or latest i phone on credit and then miss payments??????? and get cut off etc what happend to saving money for things?
  9. I wasnt making a sweeping statement i was saying people who deliberatly walk away from debt and face there responsabilites not people who have lost jobs or illness there should be systems in place to help these people or in your case ID theft but i would have thought that with ID theft and the police getting involved it would have a crime number that the banks any other organasations coulkd use to to wipe off any chatges to you so you dont suffer or am i been too optamistic here
  10. ok i may not have worded the post very well and it certainly wasnt meant to wind up. I agree with the points raised what im saying is people who get into debt then walk away from it and expect other people to sort it while they stay at home doing nothing in a home provided by local councils and dont pay any council tax etc and yes i know of people who do that. as regards the point about been better of by twenty pounds a week i mean that if you had the oportunity to work and the wage only came to more than £20.00 you would get on benefits people turn it down its as if they have no self r
  11. Ok first off i totaly sympathise with people who loose there jobs or through illness they cant pay bills mortgage etc but what really ****es me off from reading this is people feeling sorry from them selves due to getting into debt and then not been able to pay. Why not face upto it pay your bills and if you cant then dont winge when the banks/debt collection agencies take action. Why do people always try to blame other things/agencies for there downfall? Like i said if you loose your job or ilness etc you have my full sympathy but some here seem to have debt but dont want to face it. I
  12. If you do wrong then you have to live with the consequenses You admited what they said you so face up to it and stop complaining what is wron with people on here? People do wrong and then want to riggle out of it christ people need to face up to there actions
  13. Ok i need a bit of advice. a friend recently advised me on how he was claiming back his bank charges? Can anyone tell me how to go about this i have a select account with LLoyds and have done for 35 years. I need as much simple advice as possible about what to write etc and where to send it to Thanks
  14. You have the right to take anyone in with you to your hearing. it seems a simple mistake. Write down anything said that you feel is unjust then i would speak to citizens advice
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