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  1. They can not register a default without issuing a default notice. Write to one of the CRA's tell them Cash Bob have not gone through the correct procedures and ask for it to be removed.
  2. Who is the lender? I thought they could only add a max 2 months interest under their own codes of practise. Name, shame and report
  3. With regard to the court proceedings, yes there is a good chance they will take you to court. Regardless of the fraud claim they do have a case because you havnt paid them back. Get in touch and make them an offer of repayment, this will help you if it does get to court as it shows you havnt ignored the debt and are trying to pay it back. only offer what you can afford dont let them set the amount. Should you get court papers i'm sure there are many posters here who could help you defend or dispute the proceedings.
  4. absolutely.... Do you have the arrangement in writing?? They should refund the money and pay any fees incurred by yourself (you may need to send a bank statement as proof). If they refuse go straight to the FOS, also copy in the OFT. The OFT will not take your case up but they need to know what they are doing and how they are treating their customers.
  5. Its probably just an entry on your credit file confirming you had a loan and it was paid back. If it went into arrears this would also show, I dont know how long they last on your credit file. It would appear a lot of status lenders are now looking at PDL's on peoples credit files as proof they cant manage their finances, its stupid because its the banks refusing to lend ,that push people to these lenders in the 1st place.
  6. Sqaddie, I said they can phone you, not turn up at your work. I agree they must be reported if they threaten to visit your work place.
  7. Becci, While you case is being loked into buy the FOS do not pay them a penny, the case is in dispute and if they try to contact you remind them of this and let them know you will be forwarding any emails direct to the FOS as part of your claim. Unfortunately your credit file will show this loan I dont think it can be removed, but if the FOS agree a figure to pay back, get it cleared and at least it will show as repaid even if it did go into arrears
  8. There is nothing in the OFT regs saying they can not phone you at work, but if you inform them not to contact you at work then they are in breach if they do. You should write to them (or email) and tell them not to contact you at work, get some kind of confirmation they have rec'd the letter or email as proof. Having said that there is no way they can threaten to turn up at your work place, im sure the OFT would have to act on such a letter, get it to them asap.
  9. every time you take out a loan and pay it back they will register a entry. 4 different payday loans equals 4 entries on your file, I imagine if you rolled the loan over and paid every month it would only show as 1 entry and being paid on time every month like a normal loan. This is why the PDL companies claim to help your credit file is a load of bull
  10. Can anyone confirm Speedy Cash's bank details. I am trying to help someone out, but they have refused to give details over the phone
  11. As mentioned above they can not register a default unless they confirm in writing 1st, if they do register it without confirming it you can write to the credit ref agencies and ask it to be removed. However, your credit file will show you went into arrears with the loan (this is assuming Toothfairy use a CRA)
  12. You can still stop it getting to court, work out how much you can afford. Email them and ask for their bank details so you can make payment, if they dont reply im sure someone here can supply them. Make this payment every month/week, if they still want to take it to court you can defend the action and state you are alreday paying them as much as you can afford. Dont just sit back and accept it, thats just what they want you to do.
  13. I imagine some PDL companies would accept this as a full and final settlement. And as previously stated above some people think they can only charge interest up to the date the credit agreement ends, NO one has ever posted proof of this as far as I am aware (be happy to be proved wrong) and I cant see how they would be allowed to advertise you will be charges an additional 60 days interest if it was illegal.
  14. Prior to the new charter it would appear most PDL added interest either. 1. Forever 2. until it got so high it became ridiculous Thats how a £200 loan can get to thousands, they can never take these to court as it would be stuck out due to the high charges but if you add enough charges to enough accounts eventually you will make a profit by collecting on a small percentage of them.
  15. The new PDL customer charter states they will not add any interest and charges after 60 days. I assume this Charter has been run over by the OFT so do not pay any more than 60 days interest. They may argue your loan was granted before this came into force, but refer them to this form and tell them you consider anything more is unreasonable and stick to your guns.
  16. I can understand people not wanting to deal with it themselves, but why pay a DMC when someone will do it for free. If you pay them £30 a month for 5 years thats £1800 that could have gone towards your debts. To anyone else reading this thread think of going debt management use CCCS or Payplan. NO FEES more money off your debts.
  17. Write to all of them with proof of your JSA. Tell them you will pay them x amount (what you can afford) and you want written confirmation they have frozen interest and charges. If they dont do this complain to the FOS, hit them where it hurts, in their profits.
  18. Payday loan companies recently agreed to a set of rules drawn up by their regulators which said along with other things they would only add interest and charges for 60 days. Anything they are trying to claim above this would be very easy to dispute, given they have added more than this means they are either replying on you not contesting the CCJ or have no intention of applying for one in the 1st place. However, until you make them an offer they wont go away, work out what you can afford and dont let them bullyb you into paying any more
  19. FOS as far as im aware is the only company that can agree compensation. The OFT will not take up an induvidual complaint, and the FSA do not deal with payday loans. For them to grant compensation I believe you will have to prove you have lost out in some way.
  20. The OFT will not deal with induvidual complaints that has to be done by the FOS. They will however look at the companies with a view to fining them or removing their licence if there are serious malpractises
  21. was you paying Cash Genie under an arrangement? or had any contact with them at all? The simple answer is NO but the answers to the above may help in getting a chargeback. Who is this agent of cash Genie?
  22. Even though you have 30 days to return the money they can charge you daily rate of interest. If you cancel one pay it back straight away or it could cost you more than the original loan.
  23. Toothfairy have passed your details over. These are the same compaines who are probably using the same systems to collect your money. 1st you have to demand your bank do a chargeback, Marshall Hoares have no legal right to claim this money and Toothfairy can not pass bank card details to a 3rd Party. Do not take no for an answer from your bank they will try demand to speak to the manager etc.. These are illegal/fraudulant transactions as you have never given the card details to marshall Hoares. 2nd Step report to the OFT this lot must have used up all their nine lives by now.
  24. Work out how much you have left from your wages (the £1100 not the £1800) to repay these after you pay any essential bills. It might be worth clearing the two smallest and just defaulting on the larger two, this will save you interest and default fees.
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