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  1. Ok, I've got the list of stuff I need legally and stuff that would also be useful. I take it you don't need to be over a certain age or have been driving for a certain amount of time then?
  2. Does anyone know the requirements for driving abroad? (from UK and want to driving around Europe) I know you need headlights adapted for driving on the right hand side of the road and you can pick up a kit from Halfords for all the necessary things you need whilst driving in the EU. But do you need to be over a certain age and have been driving for a certain length of time? By the time I go I'll still be 23 but will only have been driving for a few months? Thanks
  3. I was sacked from my previous job on the 9th April 2010 for a load of bull**** reasons, I'll try and explain it all without making it too long to read. Basically I worked in a snooker hall and the manager came in on a Sunday evening at the end of trade and sat down with me to ask me some questions (this was the first time anything was ever mentioned) He accused me of allowing smoking on the premises (to which I was unaware and there is no CCTV proof) Giving away table play (which I did but was unaware it was a sackable offence) Allowing customers to stay after closing times (unti
  4. Well I did a google search and lots of people have the EAC problem but no-one seems to know what the problem actually is or a fix for it. The latest from them today is "there's nothing wrong with it, we can't fix it unless you bring it down when the lights flashing" it's a bit awkward if it comes on in the evening, what am I meant to do, leave the car running overnight until I can get it to them the next morning. I think I'm gonna go down there tomorrow and get them to take it back
  5. Hi guys, I just need a bit of info/help on my rights regarding a faulty finance car. I bought the car on the 19th march 2010, after a month I had EAC Fail come up on the dash so the car went back and they tried to fix it.. it's going back in tomorrow for the 4th time with the same problem, it's now out of its 3 month warranty but they're still fixing it for free. I read under the 'Sales of Goods Act 1979' that when buying something it should be of a condition reflecting its age, now the car is only a 52 plate fiesta lx so it shouldn't keep having this problem as far as I'm concerned (a q
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