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  1. Afternoon everyone...daft as it sounds its true. I have been unemployed for a while and currently in the process of setting up my own business and as things arent too bad at the moment i wanted to start paying back the money i owe them (around 10k). BUT....they have sold my soul to capquest (who i am sucessfully fighting with thanks to the many CAG users and threads on them). So..i ring natwest as i want to deal with them and not capquest and they point blank refuse (over the phone) to accept any payments from me. Is there a letter or anything about for this? Basically i want it in writing from natwest saying they are refusing to allow me to pay off my debt!! Cheers people!
  2. easiest thing to do is google it. plenty of free translators out there! Currency Converter, Exchange Rates, Currency news | Reuters.co.uk:
  3. p.s...anyone that can help i will give a free shoot (im a photographer by trade) too for you!!
  4. Hi all and good evening. This is my first ever post so be gentle with me! J AND..apologies if this is the wrong place...wasn’t quite sure where to put it. Ok so here goes...in 2008 I lost my job (it happens, life goes on). My job was very stressful and hard and losing it tipped my over the edge. I suffered with my mental health and was actually really poorly. Luckily I had a wonderful family who supported me and got me through. However, during this time of ‘mental instability’ I thought it was a good idea to get some training and start a new career so I found this company called OLCI (OLCI Construction Training & Building courses 0800 058 2848.) who offered me exactly what I thought I needed. A fresh start and new beginning. I didn’t really understand the implications of what I was getting myself into and basically (in a nutshell) they secure a loan for you from BPF which pays the course fees and then you pay BPF monthly loan repayments. After a few months and not really enjoying what I was signed up for (coupled with my recovery) I realised I’d made a terrible mistake and wanted to quit the course and move on. However, they said this wasn’t possible and as I had the agreement with BPF I had to keep paying the money (which amounted to around £4000!!). Even now I continue to pay for something I don’t access and as my circumstances mean I am currently unemployed they still demand money and have threatened legal and court action against me. My partner believes that they sold me something on an erroneous sale but I cant find any information on this or I don’t know where to turn. If I have shafted myself and I have to keep paying then so be it, its my own fault I guess, but my partner thinks that I didn’t really know what I was agreeing to and by the time I did it was too late. Does anyone have similar experiences or know what to do or even if I can get my money back and stop paying? I would be most grateful for anything you might have to offer!!! Thank you everyone Duane
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