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  1. CitizenB, thank you for all the help and support you provided back in 2010 when I fell foul of MBNA's foulness! Bizarre that I read your news 6 years to the day the (illegal) MBNA default came off my credit record!! Lol! Hope to see you around the board when things calm down a little for you. All the best, CM x
  2. Yes indeed, am paying off monthly via Tomlin Order. I'll get there in the end! Thanks DX.
  3. So it's only the settled debts that disappear on the sixth anniversary of full payment, and the satisfied debts will disappear on the default anniversary rather than the date that the debt was sold on? Oh, happy days!
  4. Thanks DX - good news about the closed accounts! The satisfied debts relate to debts sold on by MBNA. The new owner of the debts appears in my open section with the original default date of 31 March 2010 so those presumably will disappear on 31 March 2016?
  5. Hello again, Sorry to resurrect this thread but I have one more question. I am close to all my defaults dropping off my credit file after the 6 year period. However, if I look at the "closed account" section it shows two debts which were sold on and marked as "satisfied" on 30 June 2012. If you click on both of these it shows the default and the original amount outstanding at the time of default. Is it correct that these will not disappear off my closed account section until 30 June 2018? Will this have any impact on my credit approval once the defaults on my "open accounts" have vanished? Any thoughts gratefully received. All the best, Chipmeister
  6. Please can you scan and post the document as it's too small to read properly :@)
  7. Thanks Brig, that's why I've got the low limit AMEX card, buy petrol in October, pay in full in November. As petrol is part of my monthly budget I've always got the funds to pay in full, and hopefully, along with my mortgage payments which have always been in good standing, this will help in rebuilding my credit file.
  8. And thanks ims21 - our posts crossed.
  9. Ah, the new mortgage application guidance, yes, I know about that. Luckily I've got a pretty good deal on my mortgage at the moment but with interest rates due to start rising at some point next year it would be nice to have the option to shop around. Cheers dx.
  10. That's interesting! To which new 'guidance' do you refer?
  11. One more question, just out of interest please. Once those defaults are gone my Credit Report will be left with my mobile contract, my bank account, a low limit AMEX credit card (which I use to buy petrol and pay off in full each month), utilities and the mortgage, all of which are in good standing. According to Noddle who rate 1 to 5, I am currently a 1, being the worst credit risk. When those defaults are gone how long will it take for my rating to rise? Will I ever be a 5 again?!
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