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  1. Hi - I m in the process of preparing my defence against MBNA which I have to submit by the 30th August 2010 at Northampton County Court - could anyone tell me please where I have a copy of the signed CCA dated July 2005 with the T+C which I requested and received from them - but they have also attached their current T+C which are different to the ones of 2005. I have not signed any other documentation from them since 2005 - their rates from 2005 are totally different to the current ones which would make a huge difference on the amount they are claiming! Would I be right to dispute this? M
  2. Hi m2ae dont know if i m getting hang of this uploading lol - hope this works:D Thank you Bubble777
  3. [ATTACH]20121[/ATTACH]Just noticed how small attachement has come up - will try again Bubble777
  4. Hi m2ae Thanks for your quick reply. The date I posted for the expiry was a mis type - have quickly changed as should read 25/05/2010 - sorry. Going through all my dates again and have double checked. Well spotted!! First time I have attempted to attach file but dont know if I have done right - please let me know. As for the envelope i will check at home - i do keep the correspondence but not normally the envelopes but something telling me I have have put this one in a drawer - will look when get home. Thanks you Nick (Bubble777)
  5. Hi Elsa and Bills1954 - thank you very much for the advice so far:) the info is real useful. Explaining this is going to be a bit longwinded but please bear with me. This claim is resulting from credit card had with MBNA (Virgin) going back to 2005 exp 04/2007 not issued with other. Limit of £8000 with no missed payments (sometimes delay but always paid until 10/2009. - Have paid interest alone in excess of £8000. Made contact with them by phone in 06/2008 informing them I was struggling with my business etc and would they freeze interest and would carry on paying them to reduce capital b
  6. Hi - hoping someone may be able to help me with some advice please:) Last week I lodged an acknowledgement of service at Northampton CC (bulk centre) to allow me an extra 14 days to gather my defence against the claim from mbna who are being represented by their lawyers Optima Legal. I also sent a letter requesting (template from CAG) for a copy of my credit card agreement to both separately MBNA and Optima with £1 to each dated 13th July. I have received a letter from Optima refering to my letter saying as follows: 'We have forwarded your request to our client who are now making p
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