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  1. Hello 


    I need some advice please, my mother in law has just been put into a residential home under a DOLS order? - she owns outright a flat which it looks like will have to be sold to pay for her care.  The problem is there are two other people named in the will as beneficiaries - should they have there share if the flat is sold or can the whole estate be used for her care?

  2. He clocked off was sent to office where he was asked to wait. They told him they were suspending him due to malicious damage to several ports and he was to return Friday at 2pm. He went back Friday where one manager and someone taking notes were there they discussed and it was then only one port he was asked to wait while the notes were read through and the decision was sacking. He was given a copy of notes.
  3. Hello 12 yrs in October Contracted 42 hours per week He didn't he forgot to send form in It is a plug in tablet type thing he tried to plug in and charge he wiggled it
  4. Hello Is there anyone who can give me some advice for my husband?? About 12 months ago my husbands work were reassigning rotas, after consultation with HR he was put on regular early starts to comply with family needs (this had already been agreed) and Monday to Friday rather than 5 out of 7 days shifts. Ever since then he has been harassed by other staff members and the planning department where he has had to at least two to three times per week he has had to refuse to carry out tasks as he would not be finished in time. He injured his knee and was upon return to work risk assessed where he was told he was not allowed to do shop deliveries where he would need to push cages or pump trucks - this has never been reassessed. During this time again he has had to refuse runs as he would have to use the equipment. During this time he was on a daily basis harassed by a staff member for details of his physio and general well being. He has throughout his employment been disregarded for a uniform - he repeatedly put in requests for uniforms but he has not been issued. Last week he was called into the office for a meeting after his shift had finished to be told he was suspended as they felt he had maliciously damaged a port or plugging in a device - he went for his meeting Yesterday to be told he was dismissed even though they said originally he had damaged numerous of these equipment - they said they cannot prove he damaged any others. My husband notified them months ago he was under the mental health team as he was not coping - they made him sit through missing his fathers memorial whilst doing the suspension meeting. Other staff members when stating they are not coping and under the doctors for depression have been risk assessed and moved to other depots - not my husband. Sorry I know its a long post but we are going to appeal and just wanted advice on how to go about it. Regards
  5. They have used his last years info - how do I get them to relook at this? He has accepted debt and they are nearly paid off - we were just starting to think we may have some spare money each month
  6. We at this moment pay £200 for the child per month.
  7. They say it is based on what he earned last year - last year he worked an extra day per month but this year is not. I said £100 but it is actually £97 and some pennies. The ex wanted cash and that is how it has been paid all along. There are no arrears and the letter states this. We have also as a couple had to pay off a lot of joint debts they accrued (hubby didn't tell me before he started paying them as they would have been SB)
  8. Help needed please. My husband has a court order for child maintenance which he has paid every month on time. His ex wife has stopped him access even though he is supposed to see the child on a weekly basis. Last month his ex had the child call wanting the maintenance and as he only hears from the child when the money is due he did not answer the phone and paid two days late - anyway the ex has contacted the CSA (or whatever they are called now) and they are putting up the money by £100 per month which we do not have - this means our child will have to seriously do without to pay the extra. Until the ex and child stopped contact we have had her for at least one night per week, and every couple of months for a week at a time. Any advice would be appreciated as to what we can do. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello A little advice needed. My husband is currently signed off on the sick by his GP and his place of employment has phoned at home today to say he has to attend a meeting every week as it is new policy - husband has spoken to a colleague who informed him they just ask how they are during the visit can they do this? i always thought it was harrassment contacting when off sick and asking for a meeting sounds a little extreme. Thanks
  10. Hello - just tried the #31# from an orange to vodaphone mobile and it works on those
  11. Thanks thought that would be the case. The problem is i have little work to do and am acting on every request.
  12. good afternoon i have a question; i am currently on a 90 consultation for redundancy and have been informed i have to look productive otherwide my salary will be reduced? Is this legal?
  13. If i put a fence up the lady who owns the house will complain - i had a new roof in 2007 and she has blamed me and my roofer for every tile that has blown off her roof since (her roof is knackered) she also reported me to the council for having a new roof without her permission!! - i had a leek which an independent roofer said was because the chimney needed repointing from both sides and she said she would not pay for her side doing and if i had work done they were not allowed to even go near her side. Apparently i should have had asked her for permission before i had any work done. i dont want to get into another battle with her or loose part of my garden by putting a fence up not on the boundary line.
  14. Hello Not sure if anyone can help but getting slightly annoyed; The fence between myself and neighbour blew down approx 9 months ago and he has put up a crappy make shift thing to keep my dogs and his dog apart. Today i have cleared garden of droppings and he has had a bonfire which included glass bottles which have exploded onto small childs trampoline and garden which could have caused harm to son or dogs. The house next door is rented but the landlady is very lapse in maintenance (the renters have told me of this) but i am worried about my child and animals. I could not use my garden as much as i would have liked this summer due to crappy make shift effort of a fence as i worried for my son. There is also what looks like a camera pointing to the fence which will cover part of my garden. is there anything i can do (the landlady is a dragon and not very nice) Regards South Yorks
  15. Yes i know i will be keeping copies in at least 4 different places just in case.
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