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  1. thanks ellen,the man from shelter said not to be too worried but with three kids and no where to go a weekend isnt a long time to get out im hoping i can put my self across well at court and just explain the situation and how i can repay it,i offered them at 110 a month of the arrears but ive seen mentioned you can ask for it over the remainder of th mortgage term,should i mention i am offering to pay them off quicker and should i mention about the council wanting there discount back and mortgage been worse off if they go for eviction ,i am bankrupt and have no assests just to make it worse
  2. not with me im at work at the min,i can upload a copy tomorrow or answer any questions you have
  3. hi shelter filled it put and ticked the box evidence in support of my aplication and given some detaails and income and expenditure form
  4. hi can anyone offer any words of comfort or advice i had a suspended eviction made last august and after a few problems,one being made bankrupt,not through choice i have an eviction date for the 12th monday and court dte for the friday the 9th,i have 2200 arrears on the court order which the mort com want paying as they are oposing my n244 form which has been entered,i have 3 children under 11 and no savings or way of paying the 2000,i offered 500 a month 387 mortgage and rest off arrears but they said i had to go back through court as i had broken the order previously,shelter have helped me f
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