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  1. my suggestion would be to try more than one bank. i got one with barclays and i'll bet my credit score is lower than yours lol. i have read a few posts saying that natwest give some kind of basic bank account that is really easy to get and co-op bank may be worth a try too. if the worst came to the worst, you'd just have to stay with hsbc and wait for your credit scoring to improve. heres one link regarding the way to improve your scoring but theres plenty more indepth ones if you google for it Improve your credit rating | This is Money
  2. i signed for my settlement before realising they have slapped another £125 charge on my for next moneth. im having no luck contacting them by fone so will end up sending another prelim at the end of the week so know how u feel! would be fab to have it all for xmas
  3. when DG ask for a breakdown, add in any further charges and just say in your cover letter that u want these charges back also. they will pay if they want you to accept their offer which will follow. they may try to offer you only part of what u have put in your mcol but you can insist on having the rest. they will be desperate to settle out of court so u will hold all the aces really. make sure you do appear reasonable though as if it did go to court (which is highly unlikely) then u would want to look nice a nice, reasonable person
  4. forgot to mention the statements lol. i have internet banking so was able to pull off 6 years worth from the "statement" option online. if you have internet banking its great for startiong your claim. it took 10(ish) days for my credit card statements to arrive but if you are doing the SAR it really is different for everyone. hope this helps x
  5. hi again, i have a credit card with hsbc which i am paying off monthly and winning back my money for current doesnt seem to have caused a problem. hsbc only close your account if u claim a second time. that may be a second claim for the same account or a second claim on a different account with them so if u want money back for multiple accounts with them and they add up to under £5k (excluding interest) then i would put them all in the same claim with all the account numbers added on for reference. If you do need to do seperate claims them i would open an account with a different bank before starting a claim. you will find threads on here that show hsbc customers have challanged and won the right to not have their account closed so theres always that option if they try it.
  6. Hi Andy, I have just recieved a full offer of everything HSBC have taken from me in the last 6 years with interest so if i can do it (along with the thousands of others) then so can you! stick to your guns, ignore their waffle and dont except anything less than the lot! Enjoy the site cos its brilliant. I originally just wanted back bank charges but thanks to this site and hours spent reading all the different topics, i realise im owed more than just bank penalties and know what I am entitled to with regards to anything consumer related so i hope you will find this site as valueable as i have. good luck x
  7. thanks Bong. I figured as much and wrote the letter saying what u just said yesterday but was hoping they would just return a call. Im laid up with a nasty cold and dont wanna drag my bum to the post office in the rain to record delivery it lol. Im closing the account anyways so will start with another prelim if i get no joy after sending the letter. hopefully they pay me quickly for the settlement so that i can afford to take everyone else to court (after making my donation, of course!)
  8. thanks everyone As soon as the money is in my account I will make my donation. couldnt have done it without this site, i wouldnt have even known where to begin! just one more question though, now i have accepted the offer and have signed/returned the paperwork, do you think its too late to ask them to NOT take the £125 charge they have put on my account for next month? they've never tried to take that much in one charge so it must be spite. i havent halted court preceedings as i dont have the money back yet and i have left 3 messages at dg in past 3 days and not one of the calls has been returned. thanks for changing my title
  9. hello maria I have to say, my husband works for a company that does the security software for many banks and BIG international financial institutions and even they r a worry. my husband has access to hundreds of thousands of personal debit and credit cards and he sometimes worries that these arent kept very secure by the very companies that the banks pay to keep them secure. I agree that its wise to keep a track on with CRAs. Experian are doing a free 30 day trial but theres another company that gives u access to all 3 CRAs for only £15 per 3 months. well worth it! will look up who it is cos ive forgotten and will let you know lol. and as for the race...the money isnt un my hands yet so u still have time to beat me lol. xx
  10. just make it out to hsbc bank plc. once u have your statements back, add it all up, fill in the spreadsheet, print it off and then send it in with your prelim letter. you will have your dosh back by xmas! (if they send statements quickly) good luck
  11. if its past the deadline ignore it and file. they r so damn cheeky! get ur 8%. that'll teach them to keep acting at the 11th hour! good luck
  12. if they think they can put one over on u or intimidate you into believing u cant win they will do it at every step. if this happens then come back and post about it and we can reassure u they r bluffing lol. as for what other people say...they obviously dont know what its like getting into a bad cycle of charges. iccuring 1 charge means they can charge u more next time and so on until it snowballs so once it happens once, its very hard to get out of. hsbc would have been really pleased when you inccured charges and took advantage of the fact. they want you to stay in a spiral and thats what the issue really is, not ur spending habits. I think everyone here has had people around them telling them this wont work and its their own fault but those will be the same people eating their words when u DO win. i got to rub everyones noses in it yesterday when i got my full refund offer. of course, i did it all tactfully but with great enjoyment lol. in a week ir 2 from now that'll be what u are doing while they all shake their headsd saying they cant believe u won! Anyways, everyone here knows u can win so listen to the threads here and not those trying to make u feel guilty and as though u r doing the bank an injustice cos that really isnt the case!
  13. for the recorded delivery u go to post office, ask for it specifically and it'll cost £1 u must include the spreadsheet and send that in but do not claim 8% at lba stage as this is only what u can claim at the litigation stage. if u want contractual interest then u cant claim the 8% as well i believe. however, the contractual would come to more u can claim contractual interest at this stage, i think? (please someone correct me if thats wrong).
  14. its my first time too and thats how it happened for me. have had full offer and just waiting for the dosh so be excited lol
  15. oh good. i would have thought they would do that anyways otherwise we would all be stopping CCJs and the like lol. i've seen threads saying DG have done what i said above with some people. its so sneaky! i didnt know if it might slow everything down and cause confusion so advised the above to err on side of caution. ive just accepted an offer from DG but am aticipating some sneaky tactics with the pay-out so thanks for clarifying
  16. yeah i dont blame you. im about to start claiming bank charges with lloyds for a friends account and im going after direct auto finance as they have ripped me off quite badly to the tune of £9000 for a car worth £3500 lol. sorry boXXer...not meaning to hi-hack ur thread
  17. Kazzy77

    Hengo Vs HSBC

    nope! they knew the deadline! it should say in the bottom that they will assume you dont accept the other if they dont hear from you so i think the mcol claim will be a nice big clue lol. if u wanted to appear really nice then maybe write to them explaining that u didnt receive their offer because they didnt send it to the right place. mention really nicely that u wont take any action under the data protection act as u are sure it was just a mistake and politely say that they missed the dealine so it is now with the courts. would look fab in court lol. (not that it will get that far btw!) personally i wouldnt bother though. mcol speaks for itself good luck
  18. u could always ring them and tell them you wont accept offer unless it is paid to you by cheque. dont sign anything! also put it in writing that you will only accept a cheque in settlement and post off to DG right away. if u have a payment plan in place for the loan and u are paying regularly they shouldnt be allowed to do this. i know they are allowed but will probably buckle if you refuse to accept offer under these circumstances. and check with the court that dg havent told them u have settled. if they have said that, u must inform them otherwise. this is everything i would do anyways.
  19. hi un1boy. see you have lots settled now. well done! good luck boXXer. if u need a hand we will help wherever we can.
  20. they are all money grabbers lol. Ive joined my husband barclays account and found them to be really nice but it depends on the branch, i guess. the one we use...the staff are great but a mile the other way from our house and they r rude, unhelpful and in my opinion, all unfit to work in a customer related role. that'll be the daily interest increasing the money owed to you. just see what the outstanding balance is as of today and put that into mcol (with the 8% added). if you are adding future charges then put those on the spreadsheet also. When you do the particulars of claim, make it clear u are claiming daily interest also and that way, you can insist on the difference between the time of mcol and when DG finally give u a proper offer. does that make sense? i think the words clearly but dont think it reflects when i type it all lol.
  21. hi simon. good to see u are chasing for the rest I named colin and used the leeds address (poor bloke) and i had my full offer today. Ive seen more knowledgeable people say u ought to use the canada square address so i guess its upto you. best of luck! it wont be long now!
  22. Hiya. thought i'd bump u back to front page for help. try to pm a mod and ask them to look at ur thread. it may help u understand if and how banks can do this and if they cant, what u can do about it. the only thing i have come across that may help you or be of interest is this thread : http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legalities/20118-default-hell.html#post157169 its very long but well worth reading
  23. ooo more info. just hopping in bath then will jump out and have a good read thanks countrybake i only sent my cca yesterday so am eating up evey bit of info i can!
  24. if you havent chased it up yet and are still waiting on advice, i was reading this post lastnight regarding CCA requests...its an interesting read
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