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  1. Thanks everyone for the support and advice. My appointment is for tomorrow so I'm hoping for the best.
  2. Hi! I recently received a letter telling me to make an appointment for a medical. I'm kind of terrified about it. I've been claiming income support for a couple of years now due to depression/anxiety. I have real problems dealing with people, especially face-to-face and I'm worried this is going to effect the outcome of my medical. I'm not great at articulating myself when I'm questioned about my problems. It's like my mind goes blank and I forget how to speak. I've been in a couple of types of therapy and I always end up telling the doctor that I'm doing good and getting better cause they want that from e and disappointing them is kind of unbearable. I know that sounds crazy but I can't stop myself from doing it whenever I feel people are judging me. I'm worried that I'm going to go into my assessment and do the same thing - make myself out to be better than I am. Anyway, I'm just wondering what to expect from the medical. How hard are they on you? How personal can I expect it to get? I hate when doctors say "would you like to get a job" like it's not a big deal because the idea of going out and having to face people everyday is feels impossible to me. In my mind it feels like these Atos people will be looking for any excuse to sign me off. Is that the vibe ay of you got from them?
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