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  1. Thanks for the reply and reading my thread, yes I do know someone who I could hand over power of attorney to but im not sure how much it will cost me to take him to court over this. Much as I would love to, I did not want to say or do anything that could be construed as a threat of violence.
  2. Lots of people viewing thread can someone comment please
  3. Hi All, This is a long drawn out story so I will try to be to the point; I own a Harley Davidson Night train bought in 2001 new. March this year I decided to have it overhauled and customised. I sourced what I thought was a reputable custom bike builder and got him to quote me the price for a 300 mm rear wheel conversion (to make it wider), new tank, etc, etc I told him I had in the region of £5,000 the initial quotes and communications done by email. I went down to visit him with the bike and he said it could be done, I then stressed the point that the work needed to be completed by
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