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  1. thanks everyone feel alot better now i can spend my £60 on house bills now and not worry about this stupid [problem]!!!
  2. yeh its excel, aw thanks to everyone for helping, i did read about excel in other posts but i wasnt sure how to deal with mine as i took the notice form the guy who gave it to me there and then! 2 more quick questions if anyone knows, shall i bother writing back and say if they keep writing i will inform the police for harrassment? I read this in another post, and also if i go to court do i just deny, deny and deny!!??
  3. Well it doesnt have anything on there at all that implies it isnt private, so ill just go ahead and ignore, but it does say on it that they can contact dvla and get your name and address etc which is (im presuming) how they get hold of your address and send letters? So just to clarify, even though on the 'parking charge notice' (which is what it is), it says 'if payment is not received within 14 days of the notice issue date you will be liable for an ADDITIONAL £40.00 CHARGE plus any costs incurred through debt recovery and/or court enforcement.' could i actually be taken to court etc?? Or cou
  4. How do i know whether it is on behalf of the council?
  5. Hi everyone, just need some advice as soon as possible, i was parking on a free car park in burnley, i didnt realise it was only for up to an hour (it probably is on a sign somewhere), i arrived on the car park at 11:05am, and i came back to my car at 12:30pm, i sat in my car, started the engine, then this guy came over and said 'sorry too late', and handed the notice over to me. I did consider not taking it but i did. The charge is £100 within 14 days, or £60 within 7 days. Im on my 3rd day and i dont know whether to pay it as it is so much money but i dont want to end
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