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  1. Hello I am having some issues with 247 moneybox. They used to have a live chat where you could chat to someone - does anyone know what the address is ? I can't seem to find it. I have tried to contact them by email but no reply. Any ideas as what I can do next. Thanks Gem
  2. its is an old savings account with no money and I thought I could transfer the money every month
  3. GREAT NEWS QQ have just emailed me a payemnt plan for months for £54.00 am month Finally something I can afford and its only taken just over a year
  4. I have been unsuccessful so far with setting up an agreed arrangement
  5. Its ok, I reply to every email and I know what QQ number is so I just ignore it. They have not called me at all today just 2 generic emails
  6. I will be glad when it is all done and paid with. I have certainly learnt my lesson and I can't believe it all started because I wanted to go out that weekend and it just stemmed from there. I know it takes up over half my monthly salary but in a few months the nightmare will be over
  7. I totally agree that I have probably been screwed especially by payday overdraft, minicredit and a few others but I was so worried that they were going to come to my house or take me to court. I wish I knew then what I know now. The only good thing is that only a couple more months and at least half of these loans will be clear
  8. Hello, I am hoping to move out from my parents soon as I would like my own space. I do not have very good credit I believe my credit score is about 430. I have 6 defaults on my file dating 2010. Originally I was think about renting but a couple of friends at work tell me I would be better off buying. Can someone tell what is the likely chances of me getting a mortgage? Can anyone recommend any mortgage companies? How much will I need in savings. I have been looking at studios as it will be only me and they range £110-£120k Thanks PK
  9. My payday loans are: Fancyapayday - £60 a month Capital Finance One - £6 a month Quick Quid Wonga - £120 a month Monkey Dosh - £40 a month Minicredit - £50 a month ( now with Fredpay ) Pounds Till Payday - £40 a month ( now with clarity ) Payday overdraft - £82 a month If I am honest I can't remember what the original loan amounts were. All I know what my current balance is for each payday loan and what my repayment is every month. These payday loans were taken out in late 2010 and early 2011. The majority of the loans will be paid in full by April 2013. It is just this Quick quid one, I have been trying for well over a year to sort out an arrangement. I have been waiting for this to go to a debt collection agency but nothing. If they had given me their bank details when I first asked for them in 2011, this loan would be paid off by now. Also has anyone noticed on the QQ website that you can now make payments online, you can make full and partial payment. Just wondering if anyone has made payment using this? Thanks PK
  10. Thanks for your advice. I don't answer when they ring me numerous times throughout the day but everyday they email I just state I can only afford £50 a month which I think is reasonable.
  11. Hello, I have had a number of payday loans in the past year or so which I am paying off on a monthly basis, acouple of which are nearly all paid off. I took a loan with QQ and I owe just over £1200.00. This loan is from 2011. I have tried on numerus occasions to set up an arrangement but we could not agreed on anything. At the moment I have a plan in place where I pay £150 a month and I informed them at the time that this will be a stretch for me and I will do my best. I was unable to make this payment as my hours were reduced at work. I have tried to negioate a further plan something I can afford but they tell me they can't cancel the plan. I had a live chat a few days ago and they told me they could sell my debt at anytime. Can someone explain to me what this means "sell my debt" and will I be better off? This is the only payday loan company I have had trouble with. Thank you PK
  12. Did you ever receive a welcome letter with wonga?
  13. Do you remember what the welcome letter said? Did it give details of the loan?
  14. Thanks for replying, do you remember how long it took for you to receive this letter?
  15. Sorry to interupt your thread, did you ever receivea welcome letter from wonga?
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