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  1. How can I claim back charges when I went into default.......I know by the time they had defaulted me in 2005, I had paid them over £3500 in the space of a year -so the amount owing on my account was 2k legit and the rest (over 4k) in charges - since then I have paid them £2600 and still owe them £4300 on a loan for £5500 - totalling approx £11100 lol! How do I go about it and also getting the default removed?
  2. UPDATE: Welcome have settled my account according to the credit report and it has been marked as paid - but the default is still showing but marked as 'satisfied' under the balance column on my report which I am not happy about. I called experian and they are going to contact Welcome directly. I have it in writing from Welcome that they defaulted and terminated the agreement back in 2005 then I went bankrupt in 2006 and they were a named creditor - so this should be completely removed from my report as I went BR more than 6 years ago - it shouldn't have even be on m
  3. well I have just been on my credit file and have noted that Welcome have done an 'unrecorded enquiry' search - but they have not removed the default - as yet. They have accessed my report since the phone call today. I just want this 'company' out of my life and this situation settled. I cannot see WF compensating without a fight TBH. How can they put an account into default in 2009 when they terminated the contract in 2005 before the bankruptcy?
  4. Oh and another thing, I have wondered why the past few years my insurances are pretty darn high - there's a bloody default on my credit history that shouldn't have been there. My credit rating is 'good', but would have been much better - maybe excellent - without the default that was added on a bankrupt Welcome account! I need to contact the Official Receiver about all this too as they said this was classed as 'preferential payments' and the OR did not sanction the payments to Welcome. Have to wait to get the letter so I can send that to the OR too.
  5. Hi I haven't got much to say in the way of help, but just to say to watch they do not change your Account No if you do pay them a large sum - they did this to me and I didn't realise for months - now they say that I have had 2 loans with them. Good luck with it all...
  6. I do think they are only doing this for their benefit as they realised the boo boos they have made. What is getting my goat is the fact that I sent in the bankruptcy and discharge in 2006, but have been told today that they did not have a bankruptcy dept back then - well that's not my fault is it so why do they not reimburse me my money!
  7. Hi DX thing is before the BRuptcy, they said I could keep the car - it wasn't sanctioned by the Official receiver and I did not sign an agreement but I did keep making the minimal payments as they said I could keep the car. It works out around £2600 I have paid since the bankruptcy. Should I let them amend my credit account or should I ask for compensation for marring my credit record. Should I ask Welcome if they are terminating the contract (which I thought would have been terminated with my bankruptcy). How do I go about all this? Or should I just be ha
  8. Do I need to ask Welcome if they have terminated the contract? Welcome also said they are going to go to experian (as long as I ok it) and remove the default from the account. I said that is ok for them to do this. It is the only bad mark against me now.
  9. Well I finally have some news on this account. When I spoke to them back in May they said they would look into this. I was going to send in a SAR but had not got round to it, but decided to give them a call to see what is going on. They put me through to the Bankruptcy dept and they told me they had stopped the direct debits since May, they have no interest in the car, they are removing the default from the account and I owe them nothing. I asked why this wasnt sorted out before when my bankruptcy was discharged and they said they didn't have a bankruptcy department b
  10. This is what they did to me - reduced my payments and changed the account number (of which I didn't notice till a couple of years ago). Like you it was all executed by phone yet the other day they told me I had had 2 loans with them. Hope you can get it sorted. Can't believe they admitted frauding your siggy!
  11. Hi Dado, In 05 they sent me a section 87 default and then a couple months later they sent me a letter that states 'in order to protect out interests, your Hire Purchase Agreement is now formally terminated'. This was after I paid them the lump sum of £1500, then they changed my account number - then they sent me the termination. I have checked with the credit ref agency and they put it into default in 2009 - after my bankruptcy. How can they do this? They have been taking money from my account without fail every month since 2005, and when THEY were going into default, they put my account
  12. On your words dx, I called them and asked for it in writing - now this member of staff have told me that the account cannot be drawn back from Lewis until the Bankruptcy dept look into it first - I asked for this in writing and they told me to call them tomorrow (as it was 5pm) and speak to the bankruptcy dept......what I am worried about, is if it is drawn back from the Lewis Group, to Welcome, it will be harder to get a rebate as WF are in default. I have also read that they can only send you one default notice section 87 - they sent me one in May 2005 and cancelled the HP agreement and
  13. I have spoken to the official receiver and they told me to contact Welcome. When I spoke to welcome the guy said he was drawing back my account from Lewis and sending it to the bankruptcy dept. He said once they verify that they are named on my bankruptcy in 2006, then they can wipe the debt off. He said he will ask for a rebate, write account off and amend my credit file. What do I do - do I trust them - I am keeping in contact with the OR and am also going to call financial ombudsmen.
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