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  1. Good spot on the 20th of February thing, didn't even notice this. So having found this out, if and when the bailiff comes and attempts to take the vehicle which is upon our drive, displaying the valid blue badge, what should we do? thanks for the reply.
  2. as per the first letter, bristow and sutor car is privately owned. Another thing this is the first time we've seen them come, and someone is always in, and both letters are 5 days apart, they was both posted by hand at the same time, surely he would've posted the one dated the 20th on the 20th not on the 25th, unless he is just trying to get more pennies by setting the dates 5 days apart, saying he's visited twice?
  3. Hi, i'm posting on behalf of my father who isn't very technical so is unable to post on here, we owed 230 pounds on a council tax bill, from 2 years ago which we had no knowledge of. Bristow and Sutor visited on the 25th June, my dad was outside at the time, he talked to them, they asked to come in but my father refused, walked inside and locked the door, the bailiff never gained entrance to our house. Around half an hour later a letter was posted through our letterbox, containing these two letters: I have removed a few personal details, name, address etcetera. (on the
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