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  1. Sorry I dont know wy it came out in a block of text, I am trying to edit it but it doesnt save.
  2. Hi guys, Really need your advice and help on this please.I took a payday loan out with Tower Credit in July 2010 and never paid it back in full for whatever reason at the time.I applied for a payday loan with them last week and I was declined as I had an old account with them, I had totally forgot that I had taken a loan with them.Today I checked my bank account and they have taken the full amount from my new card, they got these details last week when I applied with them.I spoke to my bank to query this and they stated that if I had an agreement with them for a loan, then they are in their rights to take money from my card. I spoke to Tower Credit and they stated that they tried to contact me to advise me of the old loan I had, they also went on to say that it states in their T&Cs that if no agreement has been arranged to pay them back then they are in their rights to take the full amount from my card.I disputed this and said that surely by now my agreement with them would be void and they would pursuing repayment via a debt agency or imposing a default on my file. They said they applied for a CCJ and all the documents were sent to me.Surely this cannot be correct or legal, can it How can they save my new details and take money from it, without my permission??Isnt my agreement with the loan void ? So why can they take money for an agreement that is not in place ?I will have to check credit expert tonight, however if there is a CCJ or default on my file, are they allowed to take money from my card with permission or agreement ?Please can you advise on what I can do ?Thank you.
  3. Hi Guys, I have been a user for a good while and had so much info and advice, so thank you all.What I wanted to know was some clarification on removing a default, I have searched on here and other forums but it seems to be conflicting info.Could someone please confirm if the creditors need to provide a copy of the default notice served or just them saying they sent a default notice sufficient, would this stand up in court ?I am in the process of disputing a default and will request a CCA and copy of the default notice and just wanted full and up to date confirmation.Thank you in advance.
  4. I have 5 defaults, all coming off next year - bad choices when at Uni.I have a vanquis card, dont know how I got it but they accepted me. What I am doing is using it but paying the full balance off, that way the high APR doesnt affect me as it being paid off fully. This will show up on my report that payments are up to date and building history.Dont know how relevant the credit score is on Credit Expert, but it is going up slowly. Before I had the card I had 295 points, 3 months later I now have 575.
  5. Ok thanks - I have composed this Thank you for your response on behalf of 1st credit dated 17/08/2010. However I still don’t believe you have understood all of my previous communications, in which I have requested a copy of the original Consumer Credit Agreement. Thus far you have only provided me with 1 page of the agreement. In view of you failing to comply fully and properly with my original request, you are in default and I consider the matter to be in dispute. The Consumer Credit Act is fundamental to your business and I cannot believe that you do not know how to comply fully and properly. My only conclusion from your actions is that you are deliberately seeking to mislead me, contrary to your obligation under the OFT Guidance. Yours sincerely / What do you suggest regarding the default notice ?
  6. Ok thank you, I will use that. Do you have a template or example I can use ? Can you also advise why what they have sent is not sufficient, so I can state this in the letter I am composing
  7. The attached document in post 8 is what they sent me, they have sent that to me twice. Do you have a template or example letter, or should I just simply send a CCA again but state they have not sent the correct document ?
  8. Thanks No only the front page they sent ? How would you advise in how to proceed in responding to them ?
  9. Is it true about 1st Credit not having the default notice, surely if they are looking after the account for Welcome Finance they would have all documents ? Also is it true with what 1st Credit have said about processing my data ? Can someone please advise on how I should respond. Thanks
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