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  1. Thanks all for your advice and feedback. The half-dozen PCNs, which I paid in 2007, If I'm honest they were all for genuine P&D overstays, hence why I paid them without contest at the time. I'm concluding that to contest them now on a technicality would be a long-shot, so I'm going to leave it, since it would probably be risky, costly, time-consuming and may well have no payoff. But I won't be so quick to pay PCNs in the future, I'll check them first! Thank you -- Student-T
  2. So, despite the above Challenge, it was rejected in a Notice of Rejection of Representations Basically re-iterating that the P&D ticket ref. ###### on my vehicle VRM ###### expired at time 11:04 and that the PCN was issued at 11:16 ; and we have all the P.A. notes here; and the CEO completed the process of issuing the PCN. (They have no photographic evidence, BTW); and that "it is an offence to remain parked after expiry of paid period" The Parking Control Officer also goes on to dismiss my point on the validity of the PCNs (their wording), saying: "The Council is satisfi
  3. Hi. So I received the 2nd NTO finally, the NTO for the 2nd offence (caught remotely by a traffic cam. Offence is allegedly parked with 1 or 2 wheels on the footway; actually it was an entry/exit access driveway). I also challenged the 1st NTO, for the parking in a Pay & Display bay without displaying a valid ticket. I challenged it online at the LBH&F asking them to strike it out, due to the following: The alleged contravention did not occur: essentially I asserted that a valid P&D ticket was displayed but that the CEO might have failed to see it correctly.
  4. And how 'likely' are my chances, is it 20% chance of success or 80% chance of success
  5. How much would it cost to challenge and get refunded (ex-post) these PCNs? I paid LBH&F 5 or 6 of them in 2007, half of them at £50 and half at £100, so it's a tidy sum already that they "taxed" me.
  6. Trying again (image was uploaded as tiny thumbnail) --img580.imageshack.us/img580/4724/img3866s.jpg --img813.imageshack.us/img813/7868/img3868w.jpg
  7. Hi Gang Well I appealed the NTO I eventually received for an alleged parking offense that I was never served the PCN with, in 2007. Appeal was denied by LBH&F Parking services. I did mention that their PCNs were not legally enforceable because the wording was wrong - they said "I am satisfied that the PCNs are correct and are legally enforceable" However, There are a few old PCNs which I do still have, which were served, and which I paid. My question is, are these PCNs legally enforceable, given that they do not contain the "date of contravention" wording on them at all? And
  8. That is a very good point, and I called them (the council) and asked them. They looked into it and said they didn't receive the order from the TEC (Northampton CC) and are still waiting for it. I have the letter from the TEC in front of me, it's dated end July.... The council will "chase it up". I'm going to appeal it anyway, given that the alleged contravention is without merit, is over 3 years old now, and they don't have any photographic evidence to support it. BTW since the date of the contravention the council came round and changed the road markings on the corners of al
  9. Thank you, I will certainly consider doing so. It's just that the TEC letter from Northampton County Court states: For one, they did. For the other, they have not.
  10. Hi How long do the local Council have, to decide whether to issue a new NTO, or to drop the PCN, after the TEC in Northampton C.C. has granted a Statutory Out of time application, cancelling the charge certificate ? I applied and was granted a pair of Out of Times, because the PCNs and NTOs were never served to me or they were sending them to an old address. The alleged contraventions were from a couple of years ago, and in the intervening time not a peep was heard from the council, who were quite happy to renew parking permit, take council tax, etc. (i.e. they knew my address, but I
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