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  1. they foned me this morning. Not helpful at all just told me we dont want to know we arranging to collect our vehicle dis week. Im really stressed dont know to do
  2. i want to write a letter to them regarding the termination and im willing to clear the arrears and carry on with the agreement. Can any1 fosward a template please
  3. yeh thanks for that info. This is why im suprised about they should of accepted my offer to clear the arrears. The guy was a bit of a ar**e over the fone. Told him want to speak to superior but no has called back. Rang again today said we got it on our system will get supervisor to call back. But still no response. Is it better to write to them.
  4. i did recieve a default notice last year when i was late on 1 payment but that was sorted out with them when i phoned in and made the payment. This time round i only had letter 2weeks telling me clear the arrears. Then iv had this letter off termination
  5. hi all im new to this forum. i am in a bit of a situation here. bought a vehicle from mercedes dealership in january 2008 on hp agreement. finance was arranged with alphera financial services for period of over 48 months. i am in the 30th month of the agreement and have paid 27 of the payments all upto date. but have fell back on the last 3. they first sent me letter few weeks ago to pay arrears now i have recieved another letter yesterday saying they have terminated the agreement and want to collect their vehicle back. yes loan was over 27k. which i found out today is unregulated from their r
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