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  1. DO NOT DRIVE IT! Take the cam cover off, and check to see if the bolts are loose. Once again, do NOT drive the car until you've done that.
  2. How on earth is this fraud?! They signed up for a service, and chose not to use it. If I signed up for my gym and never went they'd still charge me - this is the same. They should be aware what they're signed up to, and keep an eye on their account.
  3. This is a non-issue - you are getting the service. Speed is irrelevant, try telling someone in the Scottish Highlands that your broadband is slow! BT can route the cables any way they want, your neighbour's speed is also irrelevant. Unfortunately you'll need to look at another connection method, or live with your speeds.
  4. To be fair, expecting them to trawl through staff records for a small refund isn't a great use of their time. They've told the store off, you have your refund, everyone's happy.
  5. You would have to prove United Utilities were negligent - if they have a report stating all was OK last year (which they will have) then you'll have trouble claiming. United Utilities can't be reasonably expected to make sure every inch of their pipework is 100% on form, but they mustn't be negligent. If they checked it all properly last year (and everything was OK) and this has happened out of the blue, you're going to have to fork out for the repairs yourself. Time to get that home insurance renewed, too. With having 2 children you can now see why it's important - unfortunately you
  6. It is your TV, but they're essentially offering to refund you £200. If you take something back to a shop for a refund, you don't get to keep the product AND your refund. That's how refunds work. Why shouldn't the age of the TV be taken in to account? It's an old TV, they've offered you a partial refund which they don't even need to do. You're not going to get anywhere with this, take the refund and buy something newer and better.
  7. I got a quote from them a few months ago, and it gave me the option for driving under a year. I also just tried now, and again got the option for under a year. If you can't see that, how do you manage to drive?
  8. So to clarify: You hadn't been driving a full year, but selected a full year anyway You then had a call from them, but didn't point out that you'd been driving under a year, and not 1 year as you stated How did they know if you didn't tell them? They don't run a check on all of your details, they expect you to supply the correct information. If you didn't, that's your problem unfortunately.
  9. I'm glad it's getting sorted out, but I'm very much on Admiral's side - I believe they are correct in claiming back any money they've had to pay out. He took the decision to get plastered and drive, so why should the insurance company suffer due to his negligence? I pay far too much as it is, without drunk fools pushing my premiums up further.
  10. How do we know if it was BMW who fitted it, or a dodgy backstreet garage? More information would be useful!
  11. The advice given so far seems a little off the mark. As per your contract, YOU and YOU only have to give Orange notice. Not Sky, not God and not the elephant's mother. It is your responsibility to give this notice.
  12. So you wanted a refund of £350 more than you paid, AND to keep the ring? You're living in dreamland, you're not entitled to either.
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