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  1. I've had the phone and sim blocked, and got a replacement for now. I was browsing in phones4u yesterday, and one of the salesmen there said that they buy out phone contracts. He said that I'd need to come in and have a longer chat about what I can do from here, but it sounds quite promising. Do you know anything else about this? Thanks for the help!
  2. andydd - Thanks for the swift response and info. Bit disappointed that I'll still have to pay the £25p/m despite not owning the phone that I'm paying for, but hey ho. I'm still going to ask if I can upgrade to a new contract, but I'm doubting that they'll say yes.
  3. I recently went to Glastonbury Festival where I had my bag stolen. It had my phone in it, but I've since got it blocked. I haven't been into the store yet and spoke to them as I'd like to know what I can and can't ask for, because if I went in there without knowing what I can do I'd probably just roll over and let them muller me. I'm in a £25p/m contract with O2. I don't really want to keep paying that if I don't have the phone that I'm supposedly paying for. The contract still has 12 months on it. Would O2 let me change my contract? I really want an iPhone, and I'd gladly pay some m
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