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  1. it doesn't concern me what others do, im not a snoop, some people dont pay car tax again not my business
  2. The best thing to do with internet stalkers is IGNORE them, let them rant on and on because no one listens block em every where you can dont read what they write very simple, and easy to do, they will go crawl back under their stone then, its feeding them they like its attention seeking, these people are very sad and have a mental problem, best to ignore them cut them off
  3. i couldnt report anyone for that, but there are many who do and enjoy watching the misery it causes, its not my business full stop
  4. we really did, all my children together with their families & partners, couldnt wish for anything else
  5. i had a housefull of my family, many laughes, and some great memories for us all, what a wonderful life i have
  6. Hi Frankieg, ive not been to the ombusman and wont because once you have taken that route then theres no going back and the case is closed, the hospital have tried to make me take that route but i wont be moved as you have said 900 complaints and only 22 investigated so where did all the complaints go then in the bin i suppose
  7. Manukka honey is good for loads of things so maybe the hair as well wonder if its messy though:jaw:
  8. Desperate Dnaniel cant send you a private message as again your box is full LOL what you like
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