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  1. thanks for that but isnt it illeagal for them to threaten u with police and balliffs and because of that i wont be paying them a penny now im really stressed out about what they said and wrote how can i find out if ndr is a legitimate buisness and not some threat namt tff is using and can balliffs come out for that its took me years to get my home together and dont want them coming out to take it all away:mad:
  2. hi i got a loan from toothfairy finance and wasnt able to pay it back they have been constantly ringing me on withheld i have just put the phone down to 1 he was threatening sending the police and balliffs out i said the person your looking for has not got this phone no more so he started saying im lying and the police are going to come out and i got 2 letters from them this morning same 2 saying northern debt recovery they have been passed my file and they have put fees and charges on can anyone give me advice on if they can do all that and balliffs and police
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