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  1. how would I find that out? I have his name and address. I thought that because looks like he purchased car from salvage yard, the car had 2 previous owners the 1st owner had it exactly 1yr when the car was involved in accident by all accounts what been told by insurance the people were paid out and car sent to salvage yard, now the payout was only half the value of the car at that time which I also found strange. 2 months after accident the 2nd person purchases this car which insurance think from salvage and then I purchased car 8mths later. the person I purchased car from told me that his fri
  2. I will, well tell them all I know, the insurance told me there was minimal damage just panel damage from front to back of drivers side, including drivers side door and half a bumper that was the damage which we found strange being car classes as cat c, we thought panel damage would of been classed as a cat d what we have read. I got a print out from a garage we tried to part ex with yesterday which gives 4 pages about car including cat c which states car was extensively damaged but repairable- insurance decided not to repair.
  3. The car has been a reliable little car never had a problem with it, to me it drives like a new car, my partner agrees and he has had many cars. no was actually very reasonable with my price being that the car has very low milage and is in excellent clean condition, checked what others were asking for same car and most if not all was asking same price with either high milage or even older plus I put on a full mot/service and tax. but obviously I did this last week before I found out my car was Cat c, as said was expecting few hundred upto 5 or 7 but not thousands thats the shock, told by garage
  4. We did actually ask, reason being there was some scratches on the inside of the drivers door my partner said to him this hasnt been in a smash as it. the reply that was given that his wife opened it n a high curb and when went to close door got it caught, at time and I suppose with rose coloured glasses being my first car it was believable. my uncle going to try sell it as cat c for me at auction if doesnt sell privately, im goin to give it a week or so and see how it goes, thank you for advice.
  5. Sorry was not you that thought I was a man, 2nd thing yes I would love to be in my 20s again because what I can remember I didnt have a care in the world at that age ha 3rd dont underestimate these teenagers they know more than we think, only learned there txt language/wrighting to spy make sure they wasnt doing anything they should not be, and it stuck quicker way to write ha
  6. Hi all, still got my car, garages offered silly prices again less than half the market value. so I am going to try sell it privately informing purchasers that the car is cat c even though by all accounts dont have to unless asked. Im an honest person and what that man has done to me by selling me a cat c car, I could not do to someone else, fingers crossed I will only lose hundreds not thousands. well its learnt me a lesson and im sure I wont fall for that one again. to anyone reading this get a good check done (experian) before ever purchasing a second hand car.
  7. Yes these insurance companies need a kick up the backside to be polite, I have contacted my union solicitor just to see where I stand, he said that I have got a case against insurance, would 1st have to use the complaints procedure through insurance for compensation upon loss of value of my car and if that doesnt work could take them to a small claims court, which to be honest could take twelve months or more and without time on my side and money looks like insurance will get away with it yet again. didnt ask solicitor if still could make claim if car is sold think I will ask that question bec
  8. Thank you to everyone for your help/advice, hope I wont need anymore my father has decided to purchase a brand new car and part ex mine, and I will recieve his, fingers crossed we can get a decent price on it. thanks again Demsi p.s I am a lady and wish was only in my 20s learnt text wrighting off my teenagers ha
  9. Suppose 1 still cant believe ive been driving round in a cat c car and knew nothing of it? then 101 questions in my head 2 why this has happend and slipped through the net actually dont know how it could. why wasnt i informed by either insurance my insurance is actually very cheap considering i only past 3yrs ago where people say if cat c your insurance is high or would find it difficult to get insurance, again had none of that, dvla dont know nothing of this, why when they should of had log book why is car bk on road without dvla knowing inspecting car? what rights if any have i got? could i
  10. Yes I purchased car when it was just under 2yrs old and now its 5yrs old. I didnt buy car from dealer bought privately, what I cant understand that if my car is a cat c and was in a accident b4 i purchased it. why does dvla no nothing of it? after reading on many pages it seems if ur car is in a smash and said to be cat c the log book is sent bk 2 insurance b4 payout and the insurance send it to dvla the car would then require a mot and vic test, when i purchased car there was nothing 2 suggest there was any problem with car logbook as it should b only that there was no service done but it did
  11. yes had car 4 3yrs without knowing, decided wanted to sell car 4 bigger car seen a car i liked at local car sales place asked them what they would offer me in part ex and that is when they told me it was a cat c. I previously had car up for sale privately b4 I knew and I would lose with offer the garage has given me £2000 to what I was asking. I need help with what rights do I have being that dvla are telling me its not registered as ever being in a accident. there is nothing on my log book to suggest this 2 who do i believe the credit checkers or dvla?
  12. Hi can anyone help me please, so confused passed my test 3yr went and bought a car privately it was just under 2yrs old when purchased it. touch wood had no problems with it had 3 mots and 3 services with a growing family decided to trade it in for bigger car, and to my surprise was told that my car is a cat c, i didnt believe that this could be true nothing stated on logbook so called DVLA and was told 100% that my car was not cat c and never been in smash. was told by credit checkers to contact my insurance my insurers said yes that my car is a cat c, it had happend when my car was a yr old.
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