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  1. I have bought a new car and am hiding the old one. I have logged a query on a website to find a solicitor with debt recovery experience, since I think all the solicitors here are more used to writing wills and doing conveyencing and will stuff it up.
  2. Hi - can I ask how you are getting on with this saga? I am going through something very similar (Car bought with Log Book Loans Bill of Sale O/S), and wodered whether these things have a happy ending.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am up for fighting them, but does anyone know whether LBL will actually write off the loan after this, or will they just stop chasing me but leave the BOS against the car which will stop me selling it or result in the next person getting chased? I am looking to sell the car in the next few months, because I have found the car I am looking for.
  4. Hi Can anyone help me with my problem? I have been to the police, CAB, trading standards and consumer direct today with no one really convincing me that they know what they are talking about. I bought a 2001 Ford Escort 5 weeks ago (27/5/10) for £725 from a guy in Hampshire (the story was that he bought the car just a few months earlier while his car was being repaired and now he didn't need it). I went into his house, so I know where he lives and saw the V5 before he sent it off. I got the new V5 with my name and address on about 2 weeks ago, and noticed that the previous owner
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