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  1. Sorry for not updating...:o. Not been well at all...anyway's WON settlement of £500..which is what we asked Lloyds for...
  2. Hi, wonder if any1 can advise me. Completed AQ was*returned to the court on the 20th Oct, 3 days b4 deadline, but I haven't received any response as of yet from Lloyds or the County Court. What or who should I do or contact about the abscence of info.Thanks again 4 u're help & advice.P.S. I HAVE BEEN BEDRIDDEN FOR THE PAST FEW WEEKS, THATS WHY NO UPDATE...SORRY...!!!
  3. Got AQ 2day..!! Forgot 2 ask u (anyone). I'm Physically Disabled, recently became virtually housebound. I can and do get out, but with GREAT difficulty. I started this process without getting my brother involved with the procedures of this claim because it was straightforward, although kept him updated. Is there anyway I can win this without having to go to court....??? Is there an alternative solution...?? Thanks again ALL for your input...!!
  4. This is what Moneyclaim said "Dear Sirs I have forwarded your query to a manager who will look into your case and answer your query as soon as possible. Regards Shalama Khanom Money Claim Online Northampton" then they said "Dear Idris I have spoken to the manager and we can only advise you that the online service is set up where a Judgment request will take 24 hours to process, as it is done electronically. The defence was received on the 4th October 2006 and as there was no Judgment on the system at the time, the defence was processed manually and therefore took preced
  5. My Request for Judgement on default was rejected even though Lloyds did not file a defence within the time alloted. I wrote an email to Moneyclaim asking how this was fair. Can any1 suggest what to do next. Thanks much appreciated.
  6. Thanks Shaz, So I just wait now 4 AQ..
  7. Hi, This is all very strange. I issued claim on 31/08/06 via Monyclaim. Until 04/10/06 (Early Morning) website stated Lloyds acknowledged on 05/09/06. I therefore proceeded with judgement for immediate payment. I now see "Defence(31/08/2006)". Can any1 tell me is this normal. Wat happens now.:o
  8. Thanks 4 the helpful info...only just read it now...been away..!!
  9. Well, hello again..it's been awhile since I have been on. I sent off Data Protection Act Subject Access Request off yesterday by recorded delivery to the FREEPOST address. Lets see wot happens. Its good 2 know u r all there 2 provide support and guidance. It's appreciated.. Hope u r all well..C U L8ER..BYE.
  10. Hi, I would like 2 know how 2 get an email address. I am on Disability Benefits. I filled in email details, but didn't complete paypal. FWI...renegadei@consumeraction. THANKS .
  11. Hows it goin' evry1. I just came back from my holiday in Turkey. Goin' 2 start on my credit cards. :grin:
  12. Hi I received my copy Statements with a letter from them saying 'Copies are not exact duplicate of original statements, because these copies of bank statements r produced in a slightly different way'. I have looked through these statements but cannot find any charges at all. Does 'DR' mean overdrawn, if so there are no charges made in the 'payments' section. Can some1 tell me wot abbreviations i should be looking for. Just to Recap --------- There are no : charges for unpaids out unpaids Paid referral fees UNAUTH OVERDRAFT unauthO/D. There are qui
  13. On Friday I rang to find out what was going on...they at first didn't have a clue then the guy on the phone went away for a while to find out. He came back to tell me nothing had been done. I got slightly annoyed and told them that if I did not receive my statements within the alloted time I would inform the Information Commissioner. He then told me the statements will be sent within six days. So I am still waiting.
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