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  1. Sorry to harp on but I have read that new rules came into force Oct 2012 and have found a lot of conflicting advice on the net .......
  2. As it was back in June and did not hear anything else from them I do not have the exact wording. I explained that my dad was indeed registered disabled and must have forgotten to put the badge up but that I was willing to send proof of badge etc etc. They told me very rudely that they had 'evidence' that a yellow ticket was indeed put on the car and that the badge was not displayed. I asked them for their 'evidence' and they emailed pics from NGP showing no badge but no yellow ticket stuck on car either (as it wasnt!) My dad is now wanting to pay this £100 to stop the stress but I am telling him not to still. Is there anyway I can report them for causing this stress to my ill dad when they have no legal right to? Thanks Nat
  3. Hi Back in June 2012 my father, who is registered disabled, received a parking ticket through the post from the above company. This was the first he had heard of it and there was no yellow ticket left on car. I didnt reply and followed advice from here but did report them to a parking assciation whom I thought was a regulatory body - and received a very rude reply from them saying my father had better pay up or be taken to court. I didnt reply and havent heard anything about it since ..... until today when a notice for £100 now and threatening further action. My dad has recently come out of heart surgery (not an excuse or a sob story) and really is getting worried about this - any advice on what I should do?? Thanks
  4. Hi again - I have been referred to Santander who apparently bought Cahoot out in 2010. After 8 weeks of telling me they were dealing with my request, I have now had a letter asking me for original paperwork which I told them I did not have - Cahoot was all online. They say they cannot trace my account despite me giving every scrap of info aprart from the account number. Surely someone has my records?? Advice please x
  5. Scrap that - just looked it up - will do this today - many thanks!
  6. Hi - thanks for reply! Excuse my naivety but was just wondering what 'SAR' means?
  7. Hi All I took out a small loan with Cahoot back in 2004 and have written them to get my final PPI figure (I have moved since and paperwork lost). They keep referring me to Santander. I have written, emailed, filled out forms for the last 2 months but Santander just will not reply to any of my correspondence. At my wits end - can anyone suggest what to do next? Thanks!
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