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  1. thanks for the info, the card says that he WILL be re-attending with a locksmith if necessary. I have done the statutory declaration now and have posted a copy to the office, they have got my husbands mobile number but I haven't got an address for him.
  2. many thanks for your help, the court have been informed and were quite sympathetic but said that they could not recall the warrant. the bailiff says he'll be round with a locksmith and a police officer to check that my husband has gone. good luck to him
  3. Yesterday I had a card from Marstons Group, it basicly said that if my husband does not pay £330 they will use force to gain entry and remove goods to the value. The debt is a magistrates fine that my husband got in December 2009. He started paying the monthly payments but obviously didn't keep on top of them, anyway, my husband left at the beginning of August this year and Marstons have been informed of this ....... can they still force entry?
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