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  1. Thx For the reply. The only thing we noticed before the MOT was that there was a little excess play in the handbrake ie went up a couple of notches more than you would expect. Apart from that the car would hold on a slope with no problem. I am no mechanic but when I last took the rear wheel off the car to clean the alloy.. approx 3 months ago, the discs did not look to have any excess wear although there was slight pitting. The pads looked fine with what I would have thought to be about at least half left from new.The only difference came when the car come back from the MOT and when parked on a slight incline, would not stop the car from moving forward.. This was after it had been passed through the MOT and the garage had done the repairs. The smoke only started after the it went back in to the garage to have the handbrake rectified again. My wife took it back and the mechanic stated that he had adjusted the cable to 120??? whatever that means. Thats when I drove it on the way to work and the smoke started. When Green flag turned up he said that the breaks were not binding when the handbreak was off and the wheel was spinning. He also thought that even if one calliper had failed then it would be highly unusual for both to go at the same time.The car is getting towed back to the garage in the morning.. or should I say later now as he said it is too dangerous to drive and I am going to ask the garage to put it in to a roadworthy condition as it should have been when they signed off the MOTThe trouble is that if you know nothing about mechanics then these people have got you over a barrell and you have to take their word for things especially when it comes down to safety
  2. Thx for that .. I hope so. It made me more angry that I cant drive it back home so I am stuck at work until a breakdown truck turns up to take me home. Not good after a 12 hour shift:-(
  3. Hi All - Don't know whether anyone can give me some advice but here goes.. Hi took my car in for an MOT at a local testing centre on friday. It failed due to the handbrake not working - below the required parameters. I got a call from the garage and the stated that my back discs and pads required changing in order for it to pass. We had this done and paid up. Parked the car up..albeit on a very flat road. I next drove the car on Tuesday, and when I put the hand brake on, the car started rolling forward. I then took it back to the garage on Wednesday. The said they had fixed it. All seemed well until I drove to work this evening . About 8 miles in to the journey a van started flashing me from behind and once on the dual carriage way he overtook and was pointing at the back of the car. I pulled over as soon as it was safe only to find smoke pouring from of my brakes and wheel on the onside. After letting it cool I nursed it in to work and called out green Flag. The Mechanic seemed to think the callipers have been incorrectly fitted and bent. He also could not understand why the discs and pads had been changed as they were not mentioned on the MOT fail slip. He seemed to think there should have just been an adjustment on the cable.Have I got any redress to this and what would be the best way to go about it. I also cannot understand why the garage passed the car when they obviously did not check the original part that had failedThanks in advance
  4. The CCJ was taken out by a company called open and direct. I beleive the y than either sold the debt to Creation Finance or Creation could possibly be a subsidury company. We have not got a copy of the CCJ
  5. Thx again DX We didn't receive the court forms before she got the CCJ. I think they sent them to an old address, however we got the charge put on our current property. If I had known they were taking it to court then I would have gone and fought it. Unfortunately I got some advise on another site which has now closed down which advised me not to bother fighting the charge on the property as they would have got it anyway. With the benefit of hindsight I would have gone to court but didn't know of this site at that time
  6. Hi DX The company is Creation Finance which I beleive are a DCA . The Debt was for a personal loan for a car from Carcraft in Birmingham (which was rubbish and completely failed in just over 2 yearsand carcraft would not honour the extended warranty they talked my wife in to). The debt is in my wifes name and we did not realise we had this PPI on until recently. The car was purchased about 8 years ago Originally the car was around 5K but the charge is for 18K
  7. Hi all, My wife has been going through our paperwork and found that a company that has put a charge on our property signed us up for PPI that we didn't want. If we had realised that we had this PPI then we would have claimed when she was made redundant which was the cause of the debt in the first place. I was just wondering if we can get the charge off the property as the figure the of charged us would be incorrect as they have this PPI included in the costs. Before anyone says... Yes it was our own fault for not reading the paperwork correctly in the first place:-( Thanks in advance
  8. Yes - Only got a few weeks to go.I have kept all of the paperwork with dates they attached to it as I presume this fix should be guaranteed for 12 months as they fitted a new board. I might be wrong though but would have a go lol
  9. Sorry for the delay but the laptop is back... At last!!! After a couple more irate calls to head office on Monday I got a call back after 6pm off the manager of the service centre in Manchester. Now despite being told it had left there on the 15th of June, He advised me that it was sitting safe and sound in a cage in their despatch are and had been for a while, unfortunately it had been forgotton about MMMM He promised me it would be out the next day to Birmingham and in my local Branch on Wednesday. And guess what it actually was - Albeit after 5pm. I picked it up from the shop thursday to find that the motherboard had been replaced (Note to the computer expert in my branch who insisted it was a software fault.... You are an idiot!!!) The best of it was that the manager still advised me to take OSC if I took any other items in the future as it would stop the hassle I have had.... Yeah right I said thanks after I stopped laughing and left. The laptop is now working fine ... had it on test for the last couple of days so after all of the hassle I can say that this is now resolved Thankyou for all your input
  10. Looks like it is up to you Jeffinately' on where to go on this. Unfortunately I do not have enough expertise on these issues on what to do next but I am sure someone on here can help. I would like to state though that I think £15 of gift vouchers which ultimately will cost the the company about a fivers worth of stock before profit is added on is very shabby in my opinion. Basically the only winner in this is Curry's. Give you £15 in one hand but make you give it them back by only being able to spend it with them. That is only my opinion and not any type of advice
  11. I see the phrase gesture of goodwill seems to be being used a lot -- we all know what that actually means "We have cocked up- don't want to admit that to the customer and it will make us look good."
  12. Basically what you are saying then Paul is that you believe the store staff but not the customer. It is ultimately up to the store to not mis sell insurance.
  13. And forgot to mention that of course the sales man will deny everything .... Well of course he will wouldn't he
  14. With all due respect Labrat. its a question of principle. If you bought something and got thrown in some benefits then you would go for it. The point is that the OP would not have bought an insurance policy that most people recognise is a total waste of money. The salespeople should be trained to explain that this is an optional extra ... The refund goes to show that that Curry's are in the wrong or they would not have done it. This BS excuse of Gesture of goodwill speaks for itself. If they were right then they would not offer anything. It comes down to customer loyalty. I know the OP has bought loads of stuff from them over the years but the company cannot get it in to their head that he is important to keep them running... not just him but thousands like him... If you treat em like poo then loyal customers will do the same.
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