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  1. Hi, I sucsessfully claimed little under £3k back from Lloyds in December. I then began a claim for the Charges they had levied since my claim began back in June. Same standard format, Prelim letter, Letter before action... and got no reply to either. I have phoned today, to ask if they are going to reply, as I was going to file with MCOL and they have 'no record' of either letter (That I delivered by hand to my branch) Should I start the process again? Or file, as its their incompetence, not mine? Thanks in advance Leanne.
  2. I have just found it, thanks! I have sent them a schedule of charges but not with the interest added, do I need to do this first?
  3. Im not really sure, I have just won my claim with Lloyds, so have a tidgy bit of experience, but felt I was fumbling though a bit at times! Can I find the particualrs help in the templates? Thanks for your help!
  4. Cheers. I used aspreadsheet so it calculated it all for me, I believe it adds the 29.9% to each charge? Came out with a whopping £178 interest over the last 3 and a half years!
  5. I am at the point of filing my claim with MCOL, I have seen mentioned claiming the interest at the rate they have been charging it to me (29.9%) but not sure if this is where/ when I add this, or is it the 8%? And is adding the 29.9% as sure fire, or is it a gamble? I wouls appriciate your help, Regards Leanne.
  6. Thanks for all this info. I have a court date of 8th January, to claim just under £3k back from Lloyds TSB. I have taken your advise and phoned SCM myself this morning and they 'have a settlement offer waiting to be sent' to me too!! Maybe they are saying that to everyone that rings? They didnt specify a full settlement, but its only a matter of time now!!
  7. I have had a call from this same company tonight, saying that I have applied for a loan and can they have some more details... I havent applied for a loan at all... are they a bit dodgy?
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