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  1. Thank you for your response, SarEl. At the meeting (I went alone) I was told they would be sending me a list of Internal Vacancies for the next four weeks and if there was nothing appropriate for me they would be terminating my contract. I will be paid one month's wages in lieu of notice plus any backdated holiday pay owing. This is because I cannot agree to one part of my job description where I must help sort out any clerical problems in the department I worked in. These 'clerical problems' are the one and only reason that I had to take time out with stress. After the last meeting they tried to put words in my mouth in the proceeding notes - that I would not be able to return to the site. I am quite happy to return to the site so long as I'm not expected to sort out the mess in the department that I will no longer be working with. They've stated that I need to be flexible and provide clerical support for this particular department. I would be happy to do this on an adhoc basis, but to have it written into my contract that I must sort out their problems is too much for me to swallow.I have stated time and time again that I cannot put myself open to the stress and heartache of trying to sort out problems that I have not caused, when the person who caused the problems goes home on time every day, despite getting paid for any overtime. This meant I had to work late regularly, without pay. It's so hard, but I'm determined that I will not give them grounds to sack me because I am refusing to go to work at my site.
  2. My grievance meetings were fairly informal, and I'm sure any problems that have cropped up since you made your original grievance can be discussed at this grievance meeting. You should then be advised by your employer/ personnel dept if a further grievance should be made. Throughout my grievance process I was advised by my union to raise a further grievance as my employer had taken too long to respond to my appeal letter. I didn't do this, but made sure that it was documented at the appeal meeting. Since my appeal, I have raised a further grievance about the aggressiveness of my manager in attempting to agree a return to work date. This has resulted in his manager now taking things over. It can become ridiculous and petty and I was sorely tempted to give in, but I know I'm in the right so why should I? I'm not keeping my mouth closed just to make other people's lives easier. Good luck, and be strong.
  3. Sorry to be a pain, but I have a lengthy ongoing dispute with my employer (which has been documented on here), and have been invited to my next meeting with a personnel representative and area manager. I have noticed a change in the usual wording of these letters. I am entitled to bring along a family member to this meeting, rather than just a work colleague or certified union rep. I'm almost certain they will be referring me to the OHS on the grounds of capability. Is this why I can take a family member to this meeting? Would anyone recommend me doing this, as I don't think any member of my close family will be able to keep their cool? Thanks.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0d3I4T6R9E Showing my age, but this is my favourite!
  5. Thank you for your comments. It is good to have an objective opinion, however much I don't like hearing it! I have an appointment at the CAB next week, where I'm sure I'll receive exactly the same advice. Perhaps it is time to accept the world just isn't fair sometimes and move on. The doctor at my Occupational Health interview told me to stop torturing myself about why they were doing this, as I would never find an answer. Thanks again.
  6. Apologies for my ranting, I feel I'm getting to the end of my tether. My issues at work are not just health and safety related; I was put under a lot of stress by the actions (or inactions) of a fellow employee. We had no specific job descriptions and I felt the amount of work left for me to do was unreasonable. I spoke with my line manager about this (aswell as the h & s issues) on numerous occasions, and I kept being promised that something would be done about it. After months of this, I got to the point where I would be crying at my desk, working unpaid overtime in a panic to get things done. This was when I went off sick, as I was exhausted with it. My flippant tone with regards to where I am now was an effort cut a long story short. On the back of the OHS report I offered suggestions on what changes could help me back to work. My employer had offered me an alternative office job, this was not created for me, as they were planning on recruiting for the post anyway. It was as receptionist. I held a fair amount of responsibility in my original post, and before all the problems kicked in I really enjoyed it, so I was reluctant to accept the new post. After looking at my suggestions, my employer basically revamped the job description for the receptionist role and increased the duties. I had also suggested that an official procedure could be put in place, so any problems I encountered could be put in writing to a manager and acknowledged. They have refused to do this, and weren't willing to discuss the new job further. Another meeting has been arranged for next week. I imagine I am putting too much faith in the wording of the OHS report, but with no union assistance I feel I am very much on my own. Am I being too picky in not accepting the office job? I just feel, perhaps unreasonably, that by pointing out what was happening on site I have been moved away and stuck in a box to keep quiet. My intention was never to cause upset or trouble with my employer, the last thing I would want to do is go to tribunal.
  7. Hi. I've posted on here numerous times before about my situation, but would properly appreciate the advice of an employment lawyer. I've been off sick for over a year now with work-related stress, anxiety and depression. I exhausted the grievance procedure many months ago. My union just saw whistleblowing in my case and I soon dropped them as they were no help whatsoever.All I want is for my management to acknowledge the awful things that were going on and do something about it. I was sent for an OHS psychatric report and they told my employer they had to accept compromises. They also said that if it came to tribunal I would likely have a case against them under the DDA. We are currently discussing. I put forward suggestions, they provided an unrealistic job description, I grumbled, they said no discussion, I told them how sad that made me, they've invited me back for further discussion. Please, somebody help me!
  8. This kind of thing flipping annoys me. I can only imagine how intimidating it must have been having 3 of your colleagues turn up on your doorstep like that. I hope you told them to go away. Ask for anything they say to be put in writing to you, that's basically the only advice I can give. At least then you have the time to consider.
  9. I would say that you're in a bad situation if the company you work for is a big national. They must surely have their own IT peeps whether in-house or on contract. Personally, if it was a small place I would be busting my ass to sort the problems out as without a solution it would be causing hell.
  10. Thanks everyone for your help. I'm so overwhelmed when I come on here to see how many people are struggling and suffering at the hands of their employers. I've had my copy of my OHS report that is being sent to my employer this week. I am on tenterhooks, but feel a hell of a lot better for reading it. They have deemed my situation as DDA qualifying if brought to a tribunal, which I found heartening. They say the stumbling block now is managerial and they should arrange a meeting with me to discuss what changes need to happen. My problem now is coming up with 'reasonable' requests for changes to my working environment. Asking them to sack the lazy irresponsible ****** won't go down too well I imagine. Would anyone recommend consulting a solicitor before I confirm any meeting with my manager? Thanks again.
  11. Having worked in the DSS just after the CSA came into being, I can't honestly paint a good picture. It was initially seen as a great move forward but after a few months of reality became a bit of an embarrassment and a paperwork headache. There was a bloke on the news the other day that was claiming Disability Living Allowance for a bad back but they had footage of him as a children's entertainer and a gym coach. The thing that puzzles me is why there's no crackdown on people claiming 'ordinary' benefits such as Jobseekers Allowance.
  12. Clemma, I think you would need to seek advice from someone suitably qualified. Perhaps talk things over for a good while before you go down this path. It's not the kind of thing that's easily accessible for good reason. Dealing with someone you can 'buy' from the yellow pages is not a good idea. I have memories from being a toddler, but certainly can't remember every holiday I had as a child. The memories I do have have obviously been helped along the way by photos and snippets from my family.
  13. Could you seriously imagine this bloke as prime minister? Reading all the blurb from the unions and the newspapers he seemed great on paper. Until he actually opened his mouth. I'd never really liked David until I saw him on the news tonight. He was trying to get out of his hotel and had all the microphones and cameras and journalists in his face. All he would say was 'I'm on my way out'. One journalist said to him 'Are you on your way out Mr Milliband?'. It made me smile. And he turned round to face the camera with a big grin on his face. Bless.
  14. I haven't seen what has been going on here, but obviously by reading this thread have been made aware of other threads being deleted. I am sure there are a number of forumites who would be only too willing to offer up their time and assistance in taking on the responsibility of 'policing' the bear garden sensibly. A forum is essentially a debate, isn't it? I find it a bit sad that so much offence has been caused, either by the threads themselves or the removal of them. Surely the whole ethos of this place is built up of charity towards others, or at least understanding and a bit of guidance. I am in awe of the people on here who spend their free time in helping others and trying to make the world just once tip in someone's favour. I would hate to think of anyone being put off posting in here, either for help with their problems, or for a bit of a banter in this thread.
  15. Apologies for bumping this up out of the ether. I was referred back to my OHS, and had to go and see a doctor last week that was employed by a company who was contracted by my company's OHS to assess me. I had been told by my lovely Personnel lady at work that they would be assessing my capability. The doctor I saw was obviously a psychologist/psychiatrist. And he understood. The most important thing he said to me was to give up torturing myself about 'why'. Why had they treated me like this. He said I would never find out the answer. He told me I wasn't a bad person and it was because I was so conscientious that I had become so stressed. He even gave me tips on what to say about my situation in job interviews. He's recommending that if the company genuinely take this seriously then we should meet up somewhere neutral for them to let me know what they are going to do to help me back into work. I'm not counting my chickens as I haven't seen his written report yet, but it's comforting to know that there are people on your side, people who hear about these problems every day in the course of their work, and just may be wanting to help.
  16. Looking on the bright side, I can start wearing my coloured tights and gorgeous winter coats and boots. Suede gloves, scarves with pom poms and sweater dresses. Chestnuts, hot toddies, robins and getting on the bus to find the heating's working. I love winter, me.
  17. To be honest, I don't really know what my goals are now, after all this time. Honeybee, I am currently claiming benefit as my sick pay stopped months ago, and looking for another job. I have problems in interviews explaining my situation, as I have to tell people I am still employed and officially need to give a month's notice. I would obviously love for them to come up with some kind of financial settlement, but I don't think that will happen as they are still denying there has been any wrong-doing on their part to cause my illness. It's frustrating because my GP is still writing work-related stress on my sick notes, so it feels as though they are disagreeing with my doctor. Throughout the whole thing Personnel and my manager have not been the slightest bit interested in my illness, and have just been trying to deny it exists, in a way. The first time I was referred to the OHS they didn't offer to show me a copy of the report, which I have still not seen nine months on. When I brought this up at the last meeting I had, the Personnel lady replied with 'Well, honey, you did keep going off sick so it was chaotic and we didn't get the chance.' Should I insist upon seeing it, do you think?
  18. I think it's outrageous that they're seriously expecting this money to be repaid. Unless it is genuinely shady people who know they've not paid enough and just kept quiet. I know from working for the DSS years ago that any overpayment of benefits would be reclaimed, even if the overpayment was the fault of a member of staff. My tax code and status was re-evaluated last year just after the new computer system had rolled out, so hopefully I'm in the clear. A refund would have been nice, though, but the lunchtime news today said these would be repaid over the next 12 months as lowered deductions from people's wages. Not quite the same as having a cheque for a few hundred quid in your hand.
  19. Thanks, you two. Apparently I can't post links to my previous threads because my post count in the forums is less than 20. Got to the end of my tether with mistakes by my colleague and issues with health and safety on a big scale. I work for a chemical company. I loved my job, but hated the extra pressure and worries caused by my colleague.Got offered a backroom, less stressful job that I didn't want. Went back for 3 days knowing that my new line manager was a bitch from hell. Lasted 2 and a half days. Brought grievance, went through 2 appeals. All failed, despite acknowledgement from them that there were probs on site. I emailed the regional director with details of law-breaking on site, was told I should be focussing on looking forward, and not thinking about things that had gone on in the past. The exact same team is still in place on site, but I have been informed that things have changed. I don't believe that things have changed at all. When I enquired about these changes the things that got mentioned were what I had already put in place before I went off sick! The annoying thing is knowing that someone somewhere along the line has been lying, or at best just sweeping things under the carpet, but there's no way of me proving it. I was prescribed anti-depressants in June 2009 for work problems, signed off sick with work-related stress and anxiety for almost a year now. Perversely, I don't think I ever want to go back to this job. I would love for there to be some kind of recognition of how bad the situation was, and an acknowledgement of how hard I worked for the blasted company. Or an apology might be nice. I know this isn't going to happen. I'm already starting to think about what I'm writing in my farewell letter. But then I think I might just end up sounding bitter. I have the HSE programmed onto speed dial for the day I leave the company, though.
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