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  1. I already have rang and they said due to the break in arrangements they were decling to accept anymore . Shall I try again by letter ? And I have letter from solicitor saying the have applied for warrant for possesion
  2. Hi all well after a couple of years of not being here . I am again this time with our main mortgage with Platform . Awaiting an eviction date which is due any day . Arrears are £6950 , mortgage balance 61k , 9 years left . The only difference this time is I'm on my own husband left the property July 2015 and hasn't paid anything towards bills , mortgage , secured loan since May 2015 - in his words he's not here so why should he. I have had a long fight with the CMS and he now has to pay £75 a week towards our two children this includes arrears .
  3. Hi , I am trying to reclaim from Platform and Kensington . Platform chargers are £1500 and have offered no where near this as say they are fair. Kensington have offered £942 , these have been worked out from statements received from companies. Would I get anywhere by going to FOS , or shall I just take it
  4. Good morning , I have recently written to Kensington trying to reclaim some of the £3500 charges they have applied to our account. Yesterday I received an offer of £942 , would you accept this or take it the FOS
  5. Well I paid 2k off my arrears yesterday and then received a call from a lovely man from Kensington . They had seen all my comments on here and really wanted to address my concerns regarding charges etc , he has refunded £250 of charges and once arrears allsorted said can have a look at account ? He was lovely but how on earth did they know the comments were from me ?
  6. Thank you, well I have come clean and told my parents and they are going to help, we have had arrears now for a number of tears on both this and our main mortgage but this is the last time, can't go through it again . Was thinking about asking for charges back but really don't want to get on the wrong side of the companies what's your thoughts?
  7. I swore I'd never be back in this position but I am after been out of work , we have arrears with Kensington of 3k it's 2nd mort owing about 38k with 16 years left. We have received letter from sols saying they are applying for eviction date we already have suspended order from last time. I have put in an offer but worried sick offered 400 on top of payment as I now have full time employment . I have agreed to pay 200 Friday then other 200 on last day of Nov with mortgage payment . But I'm worried sick they won't accept it and I'll lose my home
  8. Cant seem to get automated payment , can you possibly try and find out if they have bank details I can pay into ?
  9. Do you have the number ? That's my thinking hopefully it will take a little time, I should be able to clear arrears on Friday but it seems to be hard work with them x
  10. Thank you , how do you suggest I about paying arrears off ? Shall I say work or from friend x
  11. Lea you were right I ran back and they issued a letter that gives you 7 days to try and arrange , if not they then contact court to evict so could be quick - I get paid on 17th so can pay £800 then , a family friend has said they will give me the rest on monday - only problem is I don't know where to say I got money from cause they were really awkward about my mams money , any suggestions if I say wages will they want to see prove ? Just shows platform just took money and asked no questions Any suggestions ? X
  12. Thank you , I'm just petrified to all happens while we are away , I know the lady said it would take time but I never trust anyone - do you think it's right that they have to give you more than 14 days
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