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  1. a big thanks for the answers to my questions,i feel many will read this thread + feel a little better...i will keep you informed of what happens in our case....
  2. i for one wanted my issues on an open forum,it was your team that wanted everything on a pm..then via a call,so now we have the facts could some one answer the following should rlp letter be ignored ? if they are what happens next ? how many are usually sent before court action is threatened? what time scale? do they pursue to court in every case ignored? just some simple questions i have been asking for a little info on for a month any answers would be of help..by anyone:confused:
  3. sounds great in theory but 3 days wait + counting from one of your experts + still nothing via pm....not even ..sorry carn t help you..
  4. spot on there mate....i have pm d a few experienced folk on here ,1 saying pay,the 2nd as yet to get back to me,it has only been 3 days though;)like you say + i have said on threads..there s no outcome any where on the forum + if people dont pm you with there thought + help in what to expect in makes you think why bother...may as well go it alone:eek:
  5. hope you find the answers you are looking for...i have found this site a bit cloak + dagger,i was advised to pay it lol.i am doing my best to fight this myself!not had alot of help off here really,if you look through other threads there is no ending to them so you don t no what to expect or what to do..hope you have better luck than me + my wife:(
  6. ok,2nd letter arrives today, you have not paid within the 7 day deadline,please pay or proceedings may be taken..bla,bla,bla,still unsure exactly what were going to do...your thoughts..
  7. what is the likely out come..she s worried sick about court ect...
  8. ok,here s the problem, my wife has a problem with a civil recovery notice... outlinning what happened...her 40 th birthday,had a few drinks with her friend,went into asda,swopped a label on a reduced chicken + got caught....there was a purge on the day so police already there,she was taken away to a room,given a poice caution,admitted what she did,given an £80 fine which she has paid...then a letter asking for £150 ,7 days to pay ..bla,bla,bla,she has now gone into melt down,she s never done anything wrong in 40 years + has now lost alot of confidence...what should she do,whats the likely ou
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