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  1. Hi everyone. Short version is: Last week I bought something on eBay for £7.99 & paid with PayPal. This week I took money out of Nationwide at the hole in the wall thinking (after a week) that PayPal would've already taken funds. It now transpires that they hadn't and Nationwide have bounced the PayPal direct debit because my account was short by FOUR quid. I've phoned Nationwide & they tell me that I'll be charged £30 in January for this. I've complained over the phone that the fee is unlawful but they say it isn't as it's clearly stated in their T's & C's. With many thanks to this forum I've emailed the following to them: Obviously waiting to hear back but will be taking a written version to my branch too at some point but not until I'm going that way as it's 30+ miles away. The thing I'm not sure about is PayPal. I've emailed them asking but (typically) had no response. I'm presuming they will take funds from my "back-up" source but will they sting me with a returned Direct Debit fee too and, if so, how much is this likely to be?
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