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  1. Thanks for the comforting words, means alot! Thank you both for info about mirrors means it shouldn't be as hard on the wallet as i thought it might. flub1976 Yes you are correct there are garages out there who have it in thier best interest in helping customers and then those who are forced too due to rights. I feel this garage did eventually live to my expectations of being honest guys, for those unexperienced or with less brain power e.g me can find these situations hard to deal with while others may have it under control and handle it better. I learnt from this threa
  2. Sorry for delay as you will know why when I get to the end! Well they called up today and said they fixed it all! So went to check up and sure enough they kept to thier word. Thanks for your help guys I do feel I would have kept at this if it wasn't resolved. Intresting flub1976, they have HPI checked on all cars they buy and sell, I did ask for the report but forgot after all this fuss. I have received the key which looks like not much has been changed! The key does now correctly unlock too aswell as the the fob! All great eh! ... Read on Having had a few stresssful da
  3. Thanks for the quick reply I will report back as soon as I get back from work.
  4. Thanks for the reply Connif, I’m sorry I haven’t replied earlier as ive had a stressful day at work. You give sound advice and appreciate it but do you think I should give them tomorrow(Friday) as agreed via phone to see if they have fixed it. I say that as they sound like they want to help but seem very slow to react to this issue. I guess its too late to make the request to either have it 100% fixed or get fixed elsewhere and send bill for Friday. Can I still apply this if they haven’t fixed it tomorrow and set a new date for it to be fixed with what you advise? As they are a q
  5. Hi my first post woo!, I will try and keep my story short and simple! I'm in need of some advice regarding my car and the dealer! I passed my test a few weeks ago and in all the euphoria I went ahead and bought a car (Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 2002) . I went with my cousin who was more experienced, we had atest drive all was well, tried a few features air con, windows all working fine. It has pretty much 12 months MOT and has been serviced recently. It also has a 1 Month Warranty starting from day of purchase 15th June. Only thing that we thought wasn't fine was the key Fob which would
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