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  1. I have the CCA - I requested this a long time ago and am satisfied the debt is payable. I have no intention on swerving it. My issue now is that I offered a full and final settlement of £600 against a balance of £1600 or I would reduce my monthly payments from £55 to £5 per month due to a change of circumstances. They replied declining the offer and asking for an increased settlement offer. I increased this to £650 and now they are playing letter tennis with me asking for an income/expenditure breakdown before they will accept the reduced payment. They have not yet given me a response to my increased settlement offer. I've now written again giving them 14 days to respond either accepting the full & final offer or giving me account details to set up a S/O for a fiver a month. It falls off my record in February anyway.. . you would think they would take the hint!
  2. They haven't called for a few days - fingers crossed they have now stopped. That link didn't work btw.
  3. Afternoon all - further to the above string, I have recently been getting numerous calls from DG Solicitors but tell them every timeI will only communicate in writing. The finally caved in and sent this......I am about to write back to advise I am not obliged to provide an income/expediture breakdown. As they have not provided an answer to my offer of settlement yet I will provide them a further two weeks to respond. Failure to respond will result in me setting up a standing order for £5 per month.Is this the correct approach?
  4. Thanks for your replies - I did an SAR some time ago and had a load of stuff sent through so I'll dig that out and take a look. In the meantime I've written back saying my offer is final and time limited. Hopefully they will take it or I pay a reduced monthly amount. the default will fall off my credit file in December anyway.
  5. Hello again - so I wrote and offered them a slightly higher (£650) settlement stating this was the maximum I can raise. Now they have replied with this asking for a full income and expenditure breakdown etc.I just want to pay them the settlement OR set up a reduced monthly payment... can you help & advise?many thanksTJ
  6. The debt is a credit card default from a few years ago after I was made redundant. The default is from December 2006 and so will drop off my record this December. The original debt was almost £5000 but I have reclaimed unfair charges (not PPI as I didn't have it on this account). I have since paid £55 per month and the debt is now approx. £1600.I'm happy to repay my debts and recognise my responsibilities - the help and support I have had from this site (and others) has been a genuine source of inspiration.
  7. Hi - last one from me... I finally got Lowell to admit they could not pursue me for a disputed debt. They sent this response in May 2012 but the default is still on my record. Can you advise what I should do next? Should I write back to them threatening legal action (what should I threaten them with exactly?), or do I write to Experian/Equifax with a copy of this letter and ask them to remove the default?As ever - all your comments and guideance are much appreciated.T.J.
  8. Hello again - this is a similar situation to my previous post...I have made a full & final offer to repay approx £1600 to Metropolitan for a default HSBC card debt. The default will 'fall-off' early next year. I have been paying £55 per month. My circumstances have changed and I can no longer afford this so I have offered a reduced payment of £5 per month - or £600 as a Full and final settlement. I used the templates from CAG and advised this will only be paid if my file is marked as settled etc... ...this is their reply... can you guide me on what to do next? I am getting help from family and they may give me a little bit more but not a lot. Should I increase or stick to my guns?
  9. Hello Caggers, I'm finally getting to the end of a long road to recovery from debt. I have made a full & final offer to repay approx £1300 to Wescot for a default Barclaycard debt. The default will 'fall-off' early next year. I have been paying £70 per month. My circumstances have changed and I can no longer afford this so I have offered a reduced payment of £5 per month - or £600 as a full and final settlement. I used the templates from CAG and advised this will only be paid if my file is marked as settled etc... ...this is their reply... can you guide me on what to do next? Should I pursue the full settlement or just pay them the £600?Many thanks,TJ
  10. It seems the hotel was over-booked and Agoda should not have confirmed the booking - even though I made it in March!I cannot see anything in T&Cs about the hotel/booking agent cancelling other than this...from agoda.com (http://www.agoda.com/info/agoda_policies.html)Reservation GuaranteeReservations secured via Agoda are also now backed up with our Reservations Guarantee. If your confirmed reservation at the hotel (for which you have been issued a voucher) is not available or cannot be honored when you arrive to check-in and no other room types that you had booked are available, immediately contact our 24-hour Agoda Support Center at the contact number(s) listed on your hotel voucher. Our Agoda Customer Support Specialists will arrange a room at another convenient and comparable hotel. Agoda will cover your communication costs to our office, transfer fees and offer you a 10% discount on your reservation total amount.Should you not accept the alternative hotel, Agoda will refund to your account the reservation full amount plus an additional night (equivalent to the actual cost of a 1 night stay based on the original reservation, including any tax and service charges).Back to topCancellation PolicyUnless specifically mentioned otherwise in the cancellation policy, agoda does not charge a processing fee for cancellationsAny cancellations received after the cancellation due date specified in the confirmation email (including requests made within this period) are subject to a minimum of a 1 (ONE) night cancellation fee, unless you are notified otherwise in the confirmation email.Failure to arrive at your hotel will be treated as a late cancellation and will incur a minimum cancellation fee of one (1) night, or more, per room, unless otherwise specified in the confirmation email.Any changes to your reservation must be made through Agoda and not directly with the hotel. This applies to change of dates, extension of stay, early check out, delay of arrival or cancellation in full or in part. Any problems or questions on your reservation prior to arrival or during your stay at the hotel should be directed to our Agoda Customer Support Specialists. We must be notified of all cancellations within our normal office hours from 08:00-18:00 (GMT+7).
  11. Dear Forum,I made a one night reservation via agoda.com at the Mercure Piccadilly hotel in Manchester for this Friday. The booking was made in March and was fully confirmed and my credit card was debited. Late last night I received an email from agoda advising the hotel cannot honour the reservation and offered an alternative nowhere near the centre of Manchester. A friend also booked through the same channels but for two rooms and the same happened to his reservations.We are all going to Stone Roses on Friday and have bought rail tickets and after-show party tickets etc all in the centre of town. The alternative hotel was in Bolton which is too far away to consider it as an option.Agoda has offered a refund + 10% off future bookings (as if!!) - but we have had to spend a lot of time last night and today trying to arrange alternative accomodation in the centre of town at great expense.Can anyone help and let me know if we have any recourse for compensation etc.?Thanks,TJ
  12. Good morning Crem - I stopped about 8 feet further on past the bus stop you can see on the left of the first photo. On a SYL but definitely outside the bus-stop.
  13. Thanks for the advice - I have read on other sites that signage must be clear etc. I have driven up and down this road and got out to check signs but could not find any notice except for the one in the photos. If I can appeal on the alighting/boarding exception I will but would strengthen my appeal if possible. Also is there a letter template I can use? thanks, TJ
  14. Here are the photos - I worked out how to use Photobucket on my iphone This is the only 'warning' sign I could find and is actually posted on the pole the CCTV camera that took the picture is on. As you can see it is very obscured and on the opposite side of the road to where I had stopped.
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