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  1. Hi, my daughter (19, and at college) moved out last Tuesday - I started to notify everyone today (emailed Child Benefit & Local Council & tried unsuccessfully to get through the Tax Credits). Whilst doing my 'domestic admin' I noticed on my online bank account that CB had gone in on the 4th but for 3 Weeks and not 4 weeks amount. I work fulltime so don't claim housing or anything like that. Just seems odd re the underpayment, I only emailed them today to advise that she moved out on the 5th. Is it possible that my daughter has claimed something in her own right and told them before me?
  2. Hi. Yes update is Lowell sent letter stating that as they couldn't provide a copy of the original agreement their files are now closed. However, I have now received another letter from a different company UK Default Recovery chasing the same debt! Any ideas on what letter I should be sending them! Thanks!
  3. I am going away for a week but have forwarded the SB letter to my aunt who will send for me whilst away. Upon my return I will see what their response is and go about borrowing a scanner to forward all of their letters to TS & OFT. Many thanks for your help
  4. Hi, I don't have a scanner but I will ask my aunt if I can use hers. Have another letter today, this time from Hamptons - I am going to send the Statute Barred Letter to them as I'm getting fed up of this now. I'm away for a week and will see what/if they reply upon my return.
  5. Hi, I have an account with Experian whom notify me if there is anything new on my credit file and there isn't. Mind you the letter states that Hamptons will be accessing my credit file to see what I can afford to pay back and take me to court, send baliffs etc unless I call them immediately and arrange a payment plan. I only received the letter today so will see if anything happens on my credit file in the next week or so. I haven't reported them to Trading Standards as I guess I was hoping they would go away with no response from me, perhaps not the best approach I guess
  6. Ignored all their letters, they varied between pay us now at a reduced rate, then the same from Red and now a letter from them saying they have passed to thier legal department Hamptons. Perhaps I should now send them a letter?
  7. Hi, Lowell are still sending letters ( I have not sent them anything). They now are saying they are willing to accept any offer etc but if I don't make any payment then they will send my account to Red Debt Collection Services who will access my account, credit file, take legal action or isse a statutory demand which if remains unpaid could result in them petitioning me for bankrupcy (the debt is £263.00, I have not paid anything or acknowledged the debt in the last 6 years), do you think I should send them a CCA or letter? If so which one? Thanks in advance..
  8. I did have an account with Comet years ago, did not realise that there was any balance outstanding, think would have been about 7 years ago - certainly not paid anything for that time. There is no CCJ either - I keep track of my file with Experian and nothing on there..
  9. Hi, Received letter from Lowell Financial saying that they are a specialist debt purchaser who buys accounts from companies such as comet. The debt was sold to them on 14/09/2011. I think that this is a very old debt balance (from approx 7 years ago), but cannot be sure. What is my first step? Do I send them a CCA letter? They have now sent 3 letters (none of which I have replied to & I think they are also sending text messages to my landline - won't know for sure if it is them as I cannot listen to text messages as I have an old style phone and not the touch buttons one!
  10. Thanks for that. I note from my agreement that it only gives the landlords name and not his address. It says that the details of the deposit holder is the letting agents and that they have put the deposit with the tds, but it's not with them I have checked. Do I need to contact the agent for the landlords address and are they obliged to give it to me?
  11. Hi all, Hoping someone might be able to offer some advice. I currently rent a flat which was through one management (letting agency), an assured tenancy for 12 months was drawn up along with a certificate confirming my deposit being secured with the TDS. I renewed my tenancy agreement after 12 months for another 12 months which runs out end of Aug this year. Two weeks ago the current lettings agency wrote to advise that a new agency was taking over management of the flats. After a complete nightmare with whom to pay the rent to with the change over (the original agency wanted me to pay my no
  12. Just to update I phoned the office today, accepted their figures, also advised that I have just been notified of a wage increase from Jan this year. Asked if awards and payments could be amended asap as the normal amount was still being paid into my account. The lady was nice enough, said she will amend and normal TC office will send through new award and any payment that I may need to make. I expect I will get a rather large bill but apparently you can discuss with them about payment plans rather than the normal 30 days in which they want it back.
  13. Thank you for your help. I certainly am not a trafficker of mass weapons..thanks James that made me smile. Sorry one more question... even they have said I only need to call if I disagree, do you think I should phone them and ask them to stop my payments to prevent a bigger debt & also to say that I do agree with their records and it's my mistake or just wait until they send the adjustment through? What do you think is the best option for me? Many thanks in advance and I do apologise for asking so many questions.
  14. So you don't think that I will have the police coming to arrest me then as the letter states that I will?
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