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  1. Not been long back from germany myself (about 6 months), the wife has had numerous letters from their main dca over there asking for money i didn't even know she owed to various companies. All i've done is ignore them, for one they have to submit paperwork to you in the correct manner (recorded delivery or equivalent). they will not pay for that in germany, it's a mentality thing, they believe if they post a letter to your house you will get it be it from your neighbour or court. in the UK it is different, you could lead them on a merry dance for years and in germany if you dont acknowledge the debt (ie pay towards it) for 3 years they are very hard pushed to get a court order aswell. unless something has changed since I left in December. Not that I believe not paying is the way ahead all the time, when it comes to foreign debt i take a different view. and as other caggers have said for a 100 euro its not worth their time or effort.
  2. Morning caggers, is there a template for a full and final settlement letter, I'm sure there used to be one in the library but I cannot find it anywhere. Cheers PM
  3. Morning has anyone ever had dealings with Citifinancial, I'm trying to SAR them to claim back PPI on a loan and all my requests via recorded delivery seem not to make it to their destinations. I'd sent one to the branch I'd took the loan out for it to be returned and sent one to their main HQ in Canary Wharf and its still not showing as delivered. The last request was nearly 3 weeks ago, I spoke to Royal Mail and they said I would have to put a claim in to get my postal order money back. Is there any way of finding out if its been cashed (the postal order that is). I've worked out the amount and it's quite a big claim as well but I don't have the loan number hence the SAR request. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. PM
  4. Caggers good morning, I had a loan with citifinancial and it was paid off in 2007, it had PPI on it. I've sent a letter recorded over 2 weeks ago (still showing as being processed through the mail system best £1.55, I've spent not!) requested the loan number so I can get a PPI claim in. If it comes to nothing is it worth sending a SAR without any loan agreement number. I've been to the bank and as it is so long ago, they no longer keep the reference numbers on file. So I'm stuck as to how to get the information I need to get a claim in. If its recommended I do SAR citifinancial, what should I include as proof of identity, as I been reading and these people are a pain to get information out of. I've even rang there head office to be told each time the computer system isn't working. The loan still shows on my CRA but the CRA cannot give me the loan number either. Thanks PM
  5. Cheers BB, I knew the letter wasn't a DN, was just wondering why they want to terminate the contract twice. I'll just carry out with taking the complaint to the FOS with Aqua, and I'm not arsed about Equidebt or Aktive Kapital. Will keep updating as and when. PM
  6. Got the below one of Equidebt working for Aktiv Capital (I've read about them, never had to deal with them until now). I think I know which account it is for, which has been in dispute for nearly two years now with a previous DCA. Should I sent them a letter saying this account is in dispute and has been for xx amount of years, don't bother me? I'm quite content to just let them cut down more rainforest, its for a very old HSBC bank account which has been defaulted and cleared from CRA many years ago. http://i783.photobucket.com/albums/yy115/penmarine/Equidebt%20-Aktiv%20Capital/20120424-EQUIDEBT_NOTICE_OF_COLLECTION.jpg As always cheers. PM
  7. Hi BB, the only other things they have sent from Aqua is the monthly statement (to the BFPO address), few more letters from Albion which have now stopped and the new termination letter (I will scan it tonight sometime, I'm just about to have some nosebag). I'd already worked out from charges starting to termination of account the charges plus interest, hence the referral from them to the FOS to make a decision. The charges plus their equivalent interest was more than the wife had spent on the card in the first place. I'll drag it out for years if I have to. BB see below link for the letter that Aqua had sent the better half. I have to say Aqua are confusing me, as they've already put a marker on her credit file with a DN dated in Dec 11. On an earlier post I've already put up the original DN and closure of account letter. If they've already DN'd and closed the account why are they trying to do it again? As I'm sure that they cannot close the account for a second time on the same account. I'm also in the process of putting an unfair charges complaint to the FOS aswell for the better half. I'm just wondering if I should include that they are also trying to terminate the account for a second time and that even though I have CCA/SAR'd Aqua from our UK address (to which they have been writing to in regard to the complaint) when it comes to sending monthly statements and the linked letter below they keep sending the info to our old BFPO number?? Can I include this as part of my complaint to FOS? http://i783.photobucket.com/albums/yy115/penmarine/Aqua/20120328-2ND_NOTICE_OF_TERMINATION_ACCOUNT.jpg
  8. Evening all, I know a DN can be reissued but you surely cannot have the same account terminated/closed twice? I ask as Aqua are trying to do it, I don't think they realise they've already terminated the account, DN'd and reported it to the CRAs. I'm waiting on the 7 day notice they've given me to reply (I'm not) to see whatever they send as I'm in my 6 month period for putting an unfair charges refund into the FOS, this would just be more fuel for the fire. Ta PM
  9. Have anyone tried to reclaim charges from Aqua, I put a letter in for the wife reclaiming the £12 admin charges and default charges but I've been seen off and Aqua have sent a letter saying the £12 is fair (reply below). Now I've read somewhere again that the £12 was a guide price, but I was thinking under COBS could this not be challenged as I don't think it costs the creditor £12 to send out a secondary letter to say your later with this months installment and then another £12 to say you've defaulted aswell. Can you use COBS as an argument that the charges are not proportionate and thus unfair? The letter is Aqua's final say on my complaint and sent me straight to the FOS with it, which I will do. As they are still throwing interest and charges on when the account was defaulted and closed in December 2011. I think they have forgotten this and think I'm under the impression I haven't got the DN or closure letter. http://i783.photobucket.com/albums/yy115/penmarine/Aqua/20120407-Aqua_Complaint_Reply_Pg_1.jpg http://i783.photobucket.com/albums/yy115/penmarine/Aqua/20120407-Aqua_Complaint_Reply_Pg_2.jpg Any thoughts much appreciated, as I think Aqua are using smoke and mirrors to put me off going any further. PM
  10. Caggers can a DCA chase a debt that is showing as settled on a credit file from the OC? Just before I send a crap-o-gram to Wescot to do one. I'd like to get my ducks in a row first. PM
  11. Hi caggers, just an update got a result with the PPI on a LTSB loan via the FOS. LTSB paid out to her, money now being filtered to pay off other debts. To boot the loan has been shown as settled on her credit file aswell so I wonder why Wescot are chasing it??? One small victory, more fighting to go. PM
  12. Hi there, to cut a long story short, I've got all my DSAR info from Aqua. I've worked out my claim with the interest calculator and picked the template letter 2 from the library to send off. My questions are: On the interest calculator I used the interest being used on the card of 39.95%, is this the interest level to use as it is more than the actual charges I'm trying to claim back? Have I used the correct template letter from the library it starts as follows: "I now understand that the regime of fees xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Consumer regulations." It's just so I can get the letter off for the wife in the morning to the complaints department for process. Ta PM
  13. Hi Still Surviving did you use a letter template from the library to start your claims ie going through their complaints department first with it? I'm wanting to start a claim for the same charges for the wife but not too sure whether I've got the right one from the library. Ta PM
  14. Hi mate, just been reading yours as I'm starting to ramp things up with Aqua for the better half. As Brig had said they didn't serve the DN on you correctly, as they closed the account in Apr 10 but sent a DN on 07 Jun 10 and a secondary closure letter 2 weeks later, not letting you have enough time to sort it out. As for the DSAR, I got mine back with information missing like yourself no DN, termination letter etc (that was at the start of this month), they didn't even send a copy of the credit agreement which they should have done aswell. My question is did you put the account in dispute or did you send in template letter 2 for non compliance with a DSAR? I'm putting the account in dispute anyway for the unfair charges, but I was curious as to whether you did the LBA for the DSAR. Ta PM
  15. Hi caggers, got a letter today from Westcot for a LTSB loan that is currently in dispute until my PPI claim that I put in for was sorted out. I'm waiting for the settlement figure from LTSB for the PPI. Now I've read on here that Westcot aren't the best and move to court action quickly. Also after getting the wife's credit report from Equifax, it shows the loan in question as settled by LTSB. I'm at a loss as to how Westcot can be chasing me for a debt that is in dispute and showing as settled on the wife's credit report. Now I'm going to do a letter to them to say the account is in dispute leave the wife alone. Am I missing something really simple in regard to this settled loan being chased for as a debt now or are Westcot just chancing their luck? And I've had no NOA from LTSB for the wife to say they've passed on the debt either which they cannot do as the account's in dispute. Cheers PM
  16. Hi Sillygirl, thanks for the reply, you've confused me a bit which isn't hard at all and I'm sat down. I was under the impression for a German company to get a CCJ against me I'd have to be living in Germany, which isn't the case anymore, as you have to be a German resident etc. So I cannot see how they could get a UK CCJ for a german debt. PM
  17. Afternoon Caggers, got the wife's DSAR info back from Aqua/HBOS. I am curious if anyone else has ever DSAR'd Aqua and not received all the information that they held on them. I'm missing the DN and termination notice they've sent me previously, they didn't send me a CCA (I do have one but not from my DSAR) or any letters that I've sent on behalf of the wife for the past few years. What they have sent me is a copy of all the monthly statements, a print off of communications from their computers and a couple of other bits. I'm sure they should have sent the DN, termination letter, CCA and the letters i've sent them. Am I correct in thinking this? The 40 day point is up soon so I was going to put the account into dispute until i've got all the information . I was also going to inform them I would be writing to the ICO to complain as they have not adhered to the law of the DPA. Also when claiming back charges there is an overlimit fee of £12 and a late payment fee of £12 can these be both reclaimed? Any help much appreciated. PM
  18. Morning Caggers, now that I'm settled in my little enclave I call Britain. I thought I would do some DSARs and have a look at both mine and the wife's Credit Reports on Equifax. It's so much easier not having to put a foreign address in by the way. My credit file is looking alright apart from one default to Crap One which I'm in a repayment plan with and I have to say they've been good as gold so far. The long haired colonels file however brought up some interesting reading. The first one - she's got about 5 defaults on there the most striking one is a loan she had with LTSB which I'd put a PPI claim in against them (I'm waiting on a settlement figure from them via the FOS). The account is showing as settled on her file but she's been getting chased for it for a few years, its still in dispute until the PPI is settled. How can this be settled and they still chase her for it. LTSB have been DSAR'd and nothing showed up to say it was sold on etc but there have been DCAs/Solicitors after her. If it's settled, no default showing why to they continue to chase or I'm I missing something simple. The second one - LTSB again. She has a default for her old bank account, again I've been via the FOS and had the crazy interest and charges taken off the account for her to reduce the amount back to what it should be about £400 which I'll quite happily pay off. The credit file does not reflect this, is this just LTSB being lazy or do I have to bully them a bit to get her file up to date? The third one - Next directory, defaulted years ago, the account is in dispute has been for years now due to a lack of CCA. I don't get any letters or anything for this account but I would like to get the default removed, do I write directly to Next on her behalf or contact Equifax to do it? The fourth one - Aqua/Halifax, she got default and termination payment in Nov/Dec 11 but this does not show on her file. It comes up with in arrears only. I'm still waiting on my DSAR and CCA from both Aqua and Albion and I pay them a token £1 a month on the long haired colonels behalf. I intend playing a bit of hardball with these people once the DSAR comes back as the Default Notice is incorrect and they've terminated the account early, so why are they still applying charges etc. Is it worth writing to complain or just go directly to the ICO with a complaint about processing incorrect information? And finally - Simply Be/Candid/Reliable Collections - This account was defaulted years ago, but as Aqua they just keep piling on the interest and charges and showing as in arrears? I don't really want to write to these p*&cks and open a can of worms as they can be really annoying but I will if i have too. Totally different to the above (I know just a few queries this morning), I bought a car in Germany and went through a finance company and they added a brokerage fee for sorting out a loan with a German bank (I signed a credit agreement with the bank by the way), is this allowed? The finance company are a registered business in the UK if that helps. As I know your not allowed to ask for an arrangement fee in the UK for a loan unless its a mortgage of something, so I was wondering whether a brokerage fee boils down to the same thing. I mean I still pay the car payment but it is via the finance company as I don't have a german bank account anymore. Thoughts on this and the above would be much appreciated. Cheers PM
  19. if he's a field agent, I would seriously consider getting tooled up, you never know who could turn up at your doorstep. I keep thinking Agent Smith now, if he rocks up your in right trouble!!! lol ignore them if they come to your doorstep do what I would do, set your dogs on them if you have any, private property and all that!
  20. Had some mug from Robbers Way on the phone this afternoon, are you, yes, can I have your date of birth etc, no! Who are you I'm a butt muncher from Robbers Way, yes I know what your company. blah blah blah suffice to say he didn't get anywhere fast, even went quiet, called him a and he hung up. Anyone else been getting phone calls from Robbers lately with some pathetic bloke who cannot speak english very well trying to demand money off you? I only wonder as I was about to start humming and harring about ID confirmation before he'd clearly had enough of my questions to him and went deathly silent. I expect a letter in a couple of days lol.
  21. Anyone got a pukka address for albion to send a CCA or could I send it to the registered company address? Don't want to send it to the PO Box address on the letter as it won't get signed for. Ta PM
  22. The credit card account was opened in December 2007. Her LTSB accounts she has had for over 10 years. I've had another letter from Albion aswell they've added on another 40 odd quid to the terminated account amount. So there is £80 extra they have put on top since the credit agreement was terminated (incorrectly and early). As I'm back in the UK should I use my UK address or send a CCA with my overseas address on, seeing as that is where they keep sending letters?
  23. No she doesn't bank with Halifax, she does with LTSB but no money goes into that account anyway, and I'm still fighting on her behalf for PPI (think I'm looking at atleast 6 months for a decision from the sounds of it). I had a result in getting just over £1000 in charges taking off a premier account she used to have there aswell, reducing the debt on that dramatically, went via the FOS for that one. I don't mind paying the difference that is left now, it would have been cleared by now if they'd stuck to the reduced payment agreement. I was however looking at the CCA reply I got back from Aqua this morning from over a year ago, it says its a reconstituted agreement. It does have the wife's signature on, but how can it be a copy of the original when its reconstituted? Should I go down the road of using CPUTR to get a definative answer as to whether they do actually have the original? I can post what they sent me a year or so ago so people can have a look at it if that would help. Cheers PM
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