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  1. Hi Caggers, its been a while now it seems iQor have passed the outstanding amount of loan onto a solicitors called QPB. QPB have sent the usual letter saying you've tens days to pay up or we may get a CCJ. The letter shows the break down of costs outstanding amount, court costs etc. Now I get these for really old accounts all the time and just ignore them. Reading around the internet these people seem to actually go to court. Has anyone had any dealing with them before or even heard of them as theres not much out there on them. I'm happy for them to threat away with their "may" obtain a CCJ. The wife has already written a letter to arrange a payment plan however I would prefer to deal with LTSB directly. Any thoughts or opinions always appreciated. I'll get her to check her credit file today aswell to see who owes it. Ta PM
  2. Morning Iqor say they are chasing the debt on behalf if the OC (Ltsb) so I don't see how they can have sold it on.
  3. Afternoon Caggers, LTSB have passed the above outstanding debt onto IQOR who a couple of weeks ago wrote and said they could offer a substantial discount to clear the owed money. I thought if they are offering such a big discount I'd ignore them, as quite a few people recommend on here. They have now passed the amount to a solicitors called GPB with the usual we are working on behalf of, you have 10 days etc, if no correspondence is received we are likely to take you to court. Has anyone ever had or heard of GPB, I know of IQOR and are LTSB "likely" to instruct IQOR to take the better half to court over the outstanding amount and I would have thought they'd have taken the refund straight off what was outstanding on the loan. It just seems a bit fishy to me that there's no default on the better half's credit report and that its showing as settled by LTSB aswell. Thoughts appreciated before I start down the monthly agreed payment plan with them. PM
  4. Hi DX I appreciate I'd lose a heap of money but would I still be able to put a claim in for me first loan which they have dismissed without a loan agreement which I have!! that I got off them when I DSAR'd them? I'm not that bothered about getting the full 4500ish quid i'd worked out but anything over 3 grand for both even claimed seperately I'd be happy, as its money I wouldn't have had anyway. PM
  5. Hi Caggers got a reply from Citi today with an offer of repayment the only problem is they haven't taken into consideration the first loan which was with Associates (now Citi) and the figures they have do not reflect what I actually paid in PPI in the first place. Am I worth just taking what they offer for one PPI claim and put another in for the first loan when they were Associates. They do say on the offer letter that if I can send them a copy of the original agreement issued by "Citifinancial" they will reinvestigate, but I cannot as it was issued by Associates; are they just bluffing to save money? I'm inclined to take the offer and put a secondary claim in for the first loan seperately. Would I be able to do this as both loans and PPI are linked. Thoughts appreciated PM.
  6. Cheers Ali did you send your initial complaint to the Canary Wharf address? Ta PM
  7. Hi ims21 thanks for having a quick check, there was no rebate given on the PPI. I'm taking for granted that I just now put a letter into Citifinancial with a copy of the SOC saying I want my money back? Or do I need to include anything else as I've seen in a couple of threads a questionnaire has been included aswell, is this the FOS questionnaire? Ta PM
  8. Here's the spreadsheet, I feel I could pass a Maths degree now. 20120824-PPI_CITI_ASSOCIATES_CALCULATION_v1.xls
  9. Hi Ali you mentioned a questionnaire that you sent with your claim, which questionnaire was this as I've had my SAR stuff back and worked out my claim. Ta PM
  10. Hi DX I've had a go and it works out just over £4500 not including arrangement fees, postal costs and DSAR refund. I've followed the single premium PPI thread done by ims21 to the button, is there anyone I can get to double check my figures as I wasn't expecting it to be that much. Cheers PM
  11. Copies of agreements with figures on links below. I'm not sure whether it was a pay monthly or the lump sum PPI I'm dealing with here but any help would be appreciated as I don't want to give them any room to wriggle out. http://i783.photobucket.com/albums/yy115/penmarine/20120824-Citi_Loan_2.jpg http://i783.photobucket.com/albums/yy115/penmarine/20120824-Citi_Loan_1.jpg Cheers PM
  12. DX yes it did, does that make a difference? I'm just about to scan the agreements and post in a minute.
  13. Also the fool that I am do I use their APR of 52% and 38.7% or the standard 8% when working out the claim?
  14. Hi I got my SAR reply today with all the info I need to start a claim, it seems (I didn't even realise) that I had two loans with Citi (associates) both with Optional Insurance and an arrangement fee. Do I do two seperate PPI calculations for the claim and can I add on the arrangement fee aswell? It also looks like it was a one off lump sum payment for the PPI that was included in the loan agreement. I can scan and post on here if it helps. Cheers PM
  15. Hi Caggers, quick question. One of my PPI successes for the missus was against LTSB with the refund of PPI we paid off other various debts (at a reduced rate). The loan in question had and still has a balance of 6k for which we haven't paid anything for a couple of years now. Now if the better half got a 3k refund should the outstanding balance not be lowered to reflect this? As technically the 6k outstanding wasn't what she actually owed them in my eyes. Also this debt shows as settled on her Credit file with LTSB, but has IQOR chasing it on their behalf!!! Confused.com PM
  16. afternoon all, after sending in my driving licence to prove who I am to cifi (via their head office at Citigroup in Canary Wharf) the SAR 40 day point was up on 10 Aug 12. They still haven't cashed the cheque I sent them again either. I'm taking for granted they have 40 days to response from first signing for the original DSAR. Now is it worth waiting 7 days to see if they actually cash the cheque and send the SAR info or should I go for the LBA to force their hand? As always the help is much appreciated. Cheers PM
  17. early evening all I finally got a DSAR signed for by Citifinancial a month ago and got a reply back today saying that the "address I've provided for your client differs from the one we have on record, can we have a copy of x,y,z showing your clients current address". Well as I'm the client, and I signed the DSAR I'm at a bit of a loss as to why they are asking for further info. Is it a stalking tactic they use as now I'm gonna now have to send another letter registered post to these monkeys. Also as they signed for the original DSAR on the 02 Jul 12 is this when the 40 days clock starts counting, as if it does they only have until 10 Aug 12 by my reckoning to get back to me with all the info. They also sent my cheque back aswell. Any thoughts or pointers would help greatly as I'm writing back to them tomorrow with what they have asked for. Cheers PM
  18. Caggers just a quick DPA question. My out laws have got a letter from a DCA asking for money. I spoke to the DCA posing as my outlaw, passed security got the info I needed and said I'm not Mr Blah Blah to be told I'd breached the DPA and they were hanging up. Now from my look on it, I had permission from the outlaw to pose as him (he's an OAP) and the DCA got twitchy when I told him I was not the person, after they'd said you confirmed you are Mr xyz. I'm not bothered but I don't want the outlaw getting any pains because I wanted to sort it out for him. So my question is have I or him breached the DPA or has the DCA for releasing that information over the phone even after security questions, which quite frankly where shocking? Ta PM
  19. Hi Heidi can you tell me who you made the cheque payable to for your DSAR to citifinancial, I've looked and they seem to be owned by Citibank now. I don't want to give them any wriggle space. Ta PM
  20. also keep everything in english if you do write to them, after all that is the country you live in. if they write to you in german you may not know what they are going on about and bin it anyway.
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