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  1. Hi caggers, OH got a vanquis card, defaulted and made a last payment in July 2015. Since she gave me a heads up with threat letters for pre-court action, I fired off a CCA and got a response way after the prescribed time line (I can live with that). They did send her a CCA and breakdown of spends. The problem I had with the CCA they sent her was it was pretty unreadable (I can post a copy) but it had her signature on there. I don't doubt the OH owes money but after speaking with her she cannot remember but didn't think it was as much as Lowell's are wanting to claim for as she only had a £500 limit and the amount they want is near £900. I fired off an AID letter stating the CCA was illegible and at the same time sent a SAR to them specifically asking for a copy of the DN, Breakdown of charges and Interest and anything else they hold. They come back acknowledging both letters but still asked what she her intentions are regarding the account with failure to do so possibly resulting in a claim form incurring costs. They also said they will not send any further copies of the CCA as they've already compiled with the original CCA request. Am I correct in thinking the CCA has to be legible and that this is grounds for the AID? I'm happy to come to an arrangement to clear the right amount owed but not some over inflated figure. Thanks PM
  2. I should add I only got the CCA response last week after waiting nearly a month over the prescribed time limits to respond. PM
  3. So do you recommend I go back to them with account in dispute letter until the correct agreement is sent, I'll know when it does as I have a copy. I thought it was enforceable originally as the card was taken out after a change in ruling on reconstituted credit agreements around September 2007ish, maybe I've shot myself in the foot for the OH. I'm open to dragging this one out!!!
  4. DX this is what I got back from my request. I know the agreement states new day and it wasn't them originally and there is no signature block either. Thoughts would be appreciated, think I've pf's them right. PM PRA Aqua CCA response.pdf
  5. Hi DX, I've CCA'd PRA and got a copy of a reconstructed credit agreement with no signature, notice of assignment and copy of payments made. I know the debt is enforceable because the original agreement was signed in Dec 07, they changed the rules a couple of months earlier regarding agreements being reconstructed. I'm wondering whether I should send a SAR request to them for a full breakdown of charges as i know the OH doesnt as much as they claim.
  6. Hi DX Its Aqua, think they used to be owned by bank of Scotland and yes its yonks ago
  7. Hi Caggers It's been a very long time since being on here. My query relates an old Aqua debt for the better half. We were making token payments to PRA for a good 6/7 years. After a bit of email tennis with PRA, I was checking the old aqua paperwork I hold and I've realised that the default amount that was originally passed onto the first DCA is different by approx £250 to PRA. Whilst I acknowledge the debt is enforceable not to PRA I must say, can I force PRA to give a full break down of interest added etc since the original DN so I can see what the £250 covers. I still have all the original CCA requests and responses (thankfully), original DN, notification of account closure, notice of assignment to first DCA etc. I'm happy to pay what is owed just the correct amount. Thanks PM
  8. I would quite happily take an equal replacement from the seller,what the insurance company want me to do is take the 500 and sort it out with the seller afterwards. If it was that easy they would do the donkey work, pay the seller and I'd get the ring sent to me. As the ring was auction won he could quite easily turn round afterwards and say it cannot be replaced for 500 and I'd have cut my nose off despite my face.
  9. Hi still fighting had an email from the insurance last week to say they could sort out a replacement ring with the original seller seeing as I believe the lost ring to be genuine and that I trusted the seller which I do. I've had the ear rings valued that I purchased from him and the valuation was not far off the valuation I got from the seller originally. The insurance today have offered a settlement figure of 500 pounds which they state should cover the cost of replacement with the seller. I've flatly rejected the offer as they expect me to go back to the seller to obtain a new ring to which there is no guarantee I will get a like for like replacement. I also said should is not would replace the ring when it came to the settlement figure, are these people just dragging this out for the fun of it as my the better half wants another ring sharpish. Thanks PM
  10. I'm not sure if it's even both, they have changed their mind a couple of times, I'm just going to wait out and see what the final response is to my complaint.
  11. I can always post a copy of the valuation up I was given and what was sent to the insurance originally
  12. Hi ford the insurance think the ring I was sent is not the ring on the valuation paperwork and that the valuation isn't real either. I'm just pretty disgusted at being made to feel like I've done something wrong.
  13. Hi Ford the ring was a specified item above their single item limit, I actually pay extra on top of my monthly premium for the privilege or not as the case seems to be.
  14. I'm now in the process of getting other jewellery valued by a high street jeweller after the chew on I'm currently going through
  15. I'll just wait to see what they come back then from my complaint, I'm in no rush.
  16. Hi Uncle Bulgaria just had a look online only 6 neutral in the last year with over 800 positive and he has been an eBay member for 5 years. I do have set of ear rings bought from him which I'm now going to get valued somewhere else to compare. I understand the insurance stance, it's not my fault I won an auction with a lower bid than the ring valued. It's the chance you take.
  17. Hi guys I've emailed the insurance company with the sellers contact details to obtain whatever info they need. I'd not accepted the offer out of hand and told them if something untoward has taken place, to contact the local authorities so the seller can be looked into. It's got to the point where I've done the investigation teams work after being made it out be spinning a yarn. I will preserve as I don't like being made to feel like I've done something wrong. The ball is clearly in their court
  18. Hi caggers, I'm still preserving with the Company that is acting on behalf of my insurance company. I got the below email reply yesterday which I've read as to be pretty much a final settlement offer. I have replied to say I would contact the seller again which I have I'm just waiting on a reply from him. I 've removed any identifying names etc from the email chain. My questions are should I be contacting the seller when they have all the information I have? And is this just another stalling tactic? On my email reply I did state that I would await a response from the seller before proceeding further and I hinted on contacting the FOS once my complaint raised has ran out of time. I would seem that the valuation I supplied originally isn't good enough as they'd asked for a secondary one which I don't have. Reason being the valuation I was given was authentic and original. I've also let the seller know that he is more than welcome to a copy of the insurance email as it reads he is effectively selling dodgy diamonds which I'm sure is slander toward him and the valuation company he uses. If you need anything clarifying please ask as I'm just prepping FOS paperwork as the 8 week complaint time is nearly up. The company has really got my back in just because I bagged an expensive ring at auction for a lot cheaper than it should have been. Thanks PM START OF EMAIL CHAIN Good Morning Name Removed Thank you for your email. Our Investigation team and suppliers were asking for a second valuation different to the one you originally supplied. There are concerns that the valuation you have provided was not for the ring you had as the cost you paid for the ring is far less than that on the valuation document. We believe the person/company you purchased the ring off had provided you with a far less costing ring than the ring specified on the valuation document. Without any other supporting documents we can only offer a settlement for the cost you paid for the ring which would be £460 net of your policy excess. A complaint has been raised and is currently with our Customer Relations Team, if you could provide further documents that shows evidence that the ring purchased was in fact the ring on the valuation please send this through. Would it be possible to maybe contact the original seller who may be able to provide further documentation? We note that the Ebay seller states that they sell treated and enhanced diamonds. Please see below for the definition of Treated and Enhanced diamonds “Advanced technology nowadays has enabled the jewelry industry to improve the visual appearance of lower grade diamonds by the process of laser drilling or fracture filling. This practice is referred to as "clarity enhanced". The cost of treated diamonds should be at least 50% less than a natural diamond.” Kind Regards, Name Removed From: Sent: To: Subject: Re: Hi I'm slightly concerned you ask for the valuation paperwork again, this was submitted to Insurance Company when I initially insured the ring. Subsequently again as part of the evidence when I put the claimin it was also submitted and also when I had a house visit from one of your colleagues. I attach a photo of the valuation. The valuation was completed by GIE Labs who have a website gielab.com, you can also input the reference number into the website to obtain a version. Please let me know if you need anything else that has not already been submitted to Insurance Group Name Removed. An update would be appreciated. Thanks Name Removed Sent from my Samsung device -------- Original message -------- From: Date: To: Subject: Good Afternoon Name Removed, We are now in receipt of the further advices from our investigation team in relation to the above incident. We understand from previous comments that you have previously had the watch valued, therefore can you please forward to ourselves a copy of the valuation in order that further consideration may be given to thie incident. We await receipt of the requested documentation in due course. Kind regards Name Removed Property Claims Technician
  19. Hi uncle Bulgaria I'll persevere the valuation company are very well known, I'm in no rush for a settlement it's the principle of the matter now.
  20. In November 2014 the ring was valued at 3150 by an independent valuation company to who I bought it off, I've looked online at the same size diamond, clarity etc and just for the stone itself you are looking at nearly 4000 pound not including being mounted on a gold band
  21. Hi ford the ring was a specified item along with some diamond earrings rings, this experience has now made me wonder whether it's worth insuring other high value jewelry my better half has, it's just really frustrating when all you want is a replacement but they cannot do it.
  22. Hi uncle Bulgaria the supplier in question is the insurance companies not who I bought the ring from originally. When we had a house visit from the insurance investigator we showed pictures of the better half wearing the ring and we've proven purchase etc. the investigator was more than happy with all the evidence we had supplied. I'm at a loss as to what they are playing at, I even pay extra on my insurance for items valued over 500 quid to which we have a few items. I was going to get back on the phone to the insurance to get it sorted rapid before the wife starts asking questions, I just wanted to know if anyone had went through the same thing with some success.
  23. Hi there got an answer back from the insurers supplier saying a settlement figure of 500 quid. You can imagine my surprise I rang the insurer who said the supplier had contradictory notes on my record and that either the valuation was fake or the ring in the picture on the valuation was not the ring on the description. This was left as an answerphone message, the insurer did say he has queried the settlement figure with the investigation team today and that he'd get back to me. My question is are they just trying their luck with a lower settlement figure because they cannot replace the ring and if so is there any action I can take to get the valuation total? I can post all the info I have on the claim up here if it helps, they have me raging and I've not dared tell the better half yet.
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