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  1. Might also be worth for him get your Credit Report to see what the finance details say on it. Its one of the best pieces of evidence to help in a case against if they made a mistake
  2. Good news: roads too bad to consider trying to get in work Bad news: laptop means I can work from home!!! Damned technology!!!
  3. Hey drob, what's the status right now. Hope its already solved..!
  4. Sometimes payday loan becomes really hell. I had really a bad experience with this. Hope your problem is solved now.
  5. probably, the best choice is getting help from police, since it is difficult for facebook to verify that you are the actual guy (for that page). but police does not have this problem.
  6. its good that the government has recognised this and hopefully will act towards amending their ways
  7. well thats good to know why asda offer the voucher in the first place if they are just to turn around and say you can't use it
  8. thats great as i have seen one in an exclusive import dealership in manchester and its liek £40,000 which is alot but if there coming over it would be great as there is no competition for the mustang
  9. it reminds me of the baby Jaguar (s-type) and it will sell, the range rovers are still big sellers but it is a big crazy they sell in places that isn't really hilly or tough terrain.
  10. least they have admitted its a problem but i have seen get a rubber "bumper that goes around the phone to eliminate the problem. also Apple are gonna release a patch that calulates the real signal but other than that it is a big flaw for Apple
  11. Sky Sports had to do it for competition purposes and i think it will help promote sky as i have seen it advertised for Sky Sports 1 only and if they want more they might just convert to sky
  12. pity we can't do that, the banks are heartless and dont takes peoples consideration when there in problems as try and get as much money they can anyway
  13. i know you try to save as much money on ebay but its sometimes best to get the best postage you can as not to risk it, i sell things now and again and thats what i do because i had trouble the first time.
  14. did yuou not do what other did and get a new xbox when you got the red ring which a lot of people i know did
  15. the only pre-owned console i would buy is the retro ones like a SNES, lease i know they wouldn't fail, lol game shops only really care about selling than aftercare as there is more hassle to sort it.
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