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  1. Hello I requested a CCA with £1...( they received it in December 2013) to a debt company they purchased the credit card debt from the previous company. After much waiting they finally posted it in April of this year. More than 12 working days after my request....more like several months! Somebody told me waiting this long is wrong? Furthermore as I have seen they have failed to provide a decent copy of the sign agreement. The copy has been minimised on the A4 paper and I can't read the words or who signed it. I am interested to know how much PPI i paid on this. Furthermore they provided bank statements on a plain piece of paper with no headings as to who the credit card company is. Any advice would be great thanks
  2. You should go the PI route and not employment as you will not get your legal costs back in employment tribunal. Also awards are limited. You will have to pay out for medical expert etc. However in PI you can claim legal costs back if you win and not pay out medical costs upfront. A solicitor will tell you straight away if you have a case. Your mental illness will need to be diagnosed by an independent legal expert. So go the PI route only. You are looking at three years plus for complex cases in court.
  3. Hello I think you have answered your own question 10% are ethic so my views are they are not discriminating. Remember the best person for a job is based on qualification and exp. and not ethic origin. It also depends on how well they do in the interview. People who have good qualification and exp. sometimes are not very good in interviews.
  4. Hello If you were assaulted please report to the police as this will support your PI. Also see hospital or doc so any evidence of injury is recorded. As for dismissal I think you have no case as you are not protected if less than 12 months unless an act of discrimination occurred - disability, sex, race and you will need to prove this.
  5. Hello, It is likely that your husband will be covered under the Equality Act (disability discrimination) due to his depression. Therefore your employer will have a duty to make reasonable adjustments-for example redeploy to a job that he can do and he is happy with. If I was you I would write a grievance letter to the company stating that because he has depression that the employer has a duty to make reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act.. Please visit the EHRC website for more information and ACAS too.
  6. Hello, Out of interest, how much more would it costs the defendant if it went to trial (if they loose the case)?
  7. Hello all, Just had advice from a solicitor saying that because it has not been allocated a track and the value i am claiming is less than £5000 it will be considered as small claim until I complete and send AQ to the court. I was told I can withdraw my case at this stage by writing a letter to the court. The otherside will not be able to claim costs as still considered small claim.
  8. Hello It is still trackless. Does that make it more or less complicated? The defence said should be small claim
  9. Hello I am getting confused now. AM I liablefor costs and do I have to answer part 18? thanks
  10. Thanks So a letter is ok for this? I dont need to fill in a form or pay a fee? thanks
  11. Hello Not sure if in right section. I am suing a company. They posted back the defence and a part 18 request. The defence makes my case very weak but the part 18 is really horrible. As the claimant how can i end my claim causing min problems to me. Can I take out a court order to end the claim? If yes how do I word it etc? Will this end the part 18 on the defence part? It is a small claim. thanks
  12. post-asking fro further information as aresult of their defence
  13. Requesting information from the defendant under the civil court procedure. What is the court procedure number when requesting information from the defendant? thanks
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