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  1. Hi thanks Debt Star for replying, I thought that sending a I/E sheet would show your creditors that you were taking your problems seriously and also helped to put them in the picture, but as far as the HSBC are concerned i really should not bother wasting the ink and paper, well thats how they have got me feeling at the moment. it's like, you send them your information asking to negotiate a repayment plan, but the response you get, if your lucky has nothing at all to do with the I/E sheet that you have sent to them. myself and husband have been in branch and asked for help and pointer
  2. Hi thanks for replying, i thought that all creditors could ask you for an i/e sheet? i thought i was being compliant by sending them all one plus i thought you had to prove what income you had etc etc, but you say that they have no right to see one, interesting, i didn't know that, so thanks for that info. I will try( depends if i send it to the correct address!!!) and write to them again and tell them what i can afford to pay. If and when this does get passed on to their internal DCA i will post again and ask for advice. Thank you for your response appreciate it. karen
  3. kazzy_28

    Hsbc update

    Hiya, hope iv posted this in the right place, still trying to navigate my way round!! i posted not long ago regarding the hsbc not accepting a repayment plan that i had asked them to look at accepting due to financial problems etc, couldn't find the right address to send a financial statement to , have been passed from pillar to post and basically got ABSOLUTELY NO-WHERE with them. So i again posted a financial statement and offer of payment to yet another different address for the hsbc and two weeks later got a reply saying that they are willing to set up an informal overdraft facility an
  4. Hi castlebest and thank you very much for your reply, appreciate it . You have confirmed to me what i thought was right all along, especially after reading alot of the threads on cag. Both myself and my husband have not ignored the fact that we are in financial difficulty and the first place we visited and informed was the HSBC as we wanted to address the situation sooner , rather than later. Unfortunately we have been passed from pillar to post, one department to another then another and got absolutely nowhere. I therefore took it upon myself to do a budget sheet and send it to the
  5. Hi everyone! newbie on board, have been reading through cag for a while now, hopefully i am posting this in the correct place,if not would appreciate it if someone could move it to the correct place. Anyway, due to my husband being self-employed and not getting much work, we have contacted ALL of our creditors and explained that we will not be able to keep up with the contractual payments on our debts, have sent budget sheets to all this includes the HSBC ( my loan,husbands loan,and now overdrawn on our joint account as they keep taking husbands loan payments by standing order and putting
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